In this episode, Dr. Karen interviews lawyer and owner of the law firm Conscious Counsel Corey Sterling about how he landed as a lawyer in the healthcare and fitness space. Corey shares his journey of creating a career for himself that merges his love for law with his passion for health and wellness. He discusses finding creative solutions for people in the health and wellness industry and how he started a yoga festival while also teaching group fitness at Equinox. Corey also talks about his challenges as an entrepreneur and how he navigated his first year of starting his business.


Show notes: 

[00:01:03] Creating a niche law practice.

[00:04:18] Duty of care and liability.

[00:07:34] Your legal position.

[00:10:24] Legal protection for business.

[00:14:43] Employee vs contractor classification.

[00:18:57] Pure contractors vs. employees.

[00:20:56] Contractors and employment law.

[00:25:03] Misclassifying contractors as employees.

[00:28:23] Non-compete agreements.

[00:32:02] Waivers and Standard of Care.

[00:35:24] Enjoying the journey as an entrepreneur.

[00:38:51] Cats on YouTube.


More About Corey:

headshot of Cory Sterling Cory Sterling is an attorney and Founder of Conscious Counsel, a health and fitness law firm, which won the Legal Elite 2021 Award for Most Innovative Fitness and Wellness Law Firm, and Most Innovative Legal Document Drafting and IP Firm.

The legal concerns for any business are never-ending. For fitness entrepreneurs, the list of considerations can be even more daunting, from employee contract disputes to injury lawsuits from clients, there’s a lot that can go wrong.

Cory is the go-to person for business owners in the health and fitness industry who need help navigating this legal minefield and avoiding getting sued.

He has nearly ten years of experience in the legal and fitness industries and has assisted hundreds of entrepreneurs in drafting service agreements, privacy policies, independent contractor agreements, terms and conditions, disclaimers, and other important legal protections they require.

Cory is also a group fitness instructor, yoga teacher, and author of The Yoga Law Book, which outlines business law basics for yoga professionals and business owners.


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