In this episode, I am joined by Dr. Jay Shah, the Chief Medical Officer of Aktiia, SA, and a non-traditional cardiologist who discusses his journey from a full-time practicing clinician to a full-time non-clinical clinician. Dr. Shah explains how every step on his training and practice journey was crucial in making the turn towards a non-clinical profession possible. He shares his experience of growing up wanting to be a doctor, going to medical school, and then to a residency at Massachusetts General Hospital as a senior resident, then to private practice and the Mayo Clinic. Listeners will gain insights into the importance of every step and experience in their career journey. He also discusses the importance of monitoring, interpreting, and treating your blood pressure.


Show notes: 

[00:02:55] Running a medical practice.

[00:06:43] Non-traditional pathways for physicians.

[00:07:42] Clinical perspective in healthcare.

[00:12:12] Physician Burnout and Time.

[00:16:40] Monitoring blood pressure.

[00:20:20] Blood Pressure Over Time.

[00:24:12] Blood pressure measurement accuracy.

[00:29:24] Wearable blood pressure measurement.

[00:31:53] Personalizing patient care. [

00:35:43] Transforming healthcare through technology.

[00:40:00] Taking Risks in Career.


More About Dr. Shah:

headshot of Dr. Jay Shah Dr. Jay Shah has 15+ years of medical expertise and 11+ years of leadership in the medical practices at city general hospitals, to community settings, to the Mayo Clinic. He has brought his experience and expertise to the Swiss startup  Aktiia, to change the paradigm of how the world’s most common disease – hypertension – is understood and managed. Also an angel investor and advisor, he is passionate about applying technology to solve practical problems in medicine and believes strongly in the power of positive thinking and collaboration.


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