In this episode, I am joined by Dr. Rebekah Griffith, PT, DPT, NCS, FiT, physical therapist, to discuss physical therapy in the emergency department. She explains the origins of this work, as well as what PTs do in the emergency department. Rebekah also provides advice on navigating the process of becoming part of the emergency department in a hospital, emphasizing the importance of understanding the hospital’s mission and how physical therapy plays into that mission.


Show notes: 

00:03:09 Find the pain points, fix them.

00:06:35 Access to PT should not be a luxury.

00:09:29 Provide patient-centered care.

00:17:30 Physical therapy can triage patients.

00:22:48 Preventative care is essential.

00:23:05 Collaborative care improves health.

00:30:33 Trust yourself and pivot.


More About Rebekah:

Headshot of Dr. Rebekah GriffithDr. Rebekah Griffith, The ED DPT, specializes in care in the Emergency Department. Dr. Griffith believes physical therapist practice in the Emergency Department is a critical way to move upstream in healthcare that supports patients during their most critical moments. Dr. Griffith has been an invited lecturer, regular presenter, podcast guest, & article contributor on this topic. Additionally, she was instrumental in passing two motions within the APTA House of Delegates in support of Emergency Physical Therapist practice and is a founding member of the Emergency PT Steering Committee within the Academy of Acute Care. The ED DPT will prepare you to successfully practice in the Emergency Department so that patients have access to the right provider at a critical moment in their healthcare journey.


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