LIVE from CSM After Dark, the Healthy Wealthy and Smart Podcast covers the professional dialogue that happens outside the conference halls driving the physical therapy profession forward. This episode features the thoughts from the following influential figures in physical therapy: Lisa Maczura, Rachel Jermann, Todd Davenport, Mike Eisenhart, Dee Kornetti, Karen Litzy, Jerry Durham, and Sean Hagey!

In this episode, we discuss:

-The importance of engaging patients at national conferences

-Why students should seek out more networking opportunities

-Humanizing patients to move the profession forward

-The importance of building self-efficacy in patients

-The need for stronger advocacy in physical therapy

-Validating the patient’s pain experience

-Engaging in professional dialogue and debate

-And so much more!


Lisa believes that patient engagement needs to be integrated into national conferences. She states, “We need to create a safe zone, not just for the PTs, but for the patients to tell their stories, to feel validated.”


Professional development needs to take place outside of the classroom by engaging in professional dialogue. From Rachel’s experience, she shares, “The failing that we see right now in education is you teach your students to treat patients, you may not teach them to interact in their profession.”


Physical therapists should be taking more ownership of the impact we make on society with public health advocacy. Todd states, “If we see the people who seek our care as people, our profession moves forward.”


Physical therapy needs to be at the forefront of transforming society by building self-efficacy in patients and encouraging movement. Mike stresses, “We have the ability to change the trajectory of someone’s life.”


Home health physical therapy catches a glimpse into the impact we make on the quality of life of our patients. Dee fears the profession can often,”get stuck with an inability to define our own value.”


Developing interpersonal skills and using reflective questioning can make a bigger impact than any manual technique for chronic pain patients. For chronic pain management, Karen believes our role is “To be able to reassure, to be able to validate that you’re pain is real. I understand, now what can we do about it?”


Engaging in professional debate on controversial topics is for the ultimate benefit of our patients. Jerry proposes, “Think about what you can gain from a conversation with someone you disagree with.”


Sean challenges physical therapists to promote the profession on larger platforms. He feels you should, “Be a part of something bigger than yourself. It’s the most rewarding thing I’ve ever done, I’d encourage you to do the same.”


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