On this episode of the Healthy Wealthy and Smart Podcast, Dr. Sandy Hilton and I went into the crowd at the San Diego Pain Summit on the last day to get the attendee’s views on the Pain Summit this year.

In this episode, we learn:

– The common theme running through the San Diego Pain Summit

– Which talks resonated with a lot of the attendees of the summit

– The reasons why you should attend the summit

– What is in store for the San Diego Pain Summit 2018

– Lots of great behind the scenes conversations happy after hours

– And much more!

“You know you are in the right room when you are definitely not the smartest person in the room” – Ben Cormack

“There is nothing I don’t like about the San Diego Pain Summit” – Eric Purves

“It is a gathering of all of the clinicians I admire most in the world. Great to be able to to talk with them and pick their brains” – Laura Dunkley

“Wonderful conversation about clinical and scientific problems to learn and share together” – Jonathan Fass

“We are all a work in progress and you have to be a student first.” – Nick Tumminello

“The emphasis on making things real for patients. We do things that matter for people” – Bronnie Thompson


The San Diego Pain Summit

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