On this episode, Healthy Wealthy and Smart Combined Sections Meeting Scholarship recipient Becky Bouressa, SPT joins me to discuss CSM from a student’s perspective. Becky is a second year Doctor of Physical Therapy student at A.T. Still University in Mesa, AZ and is most interested in pediatric physical therapy and developing her niche through further clinical rotation experience. Stay tuned to the podcast for next year’s scholarship opportunity to attend Combined Sections Meeting 2018 in New Orleans, Louisiana!

In this episode, we discuss:

-How to prepare for and make the most of a conference experience

-Becky’s conference and networking highlights from CSM

-How technology can improve your next CSM experience and social media resources for students

-Recommendations for students networking with seasoned clinicians

-And so much more!


Combined Sections Meeting has ample opportunities for student engagement both clinically and professionally. Becky recommends preparing activities in advance to make the most of your conference experience as, “There is always an opportunity to learn at CSM.”


Becky encourages students to reach out to many of the lecturers from Combined Sections Meeting with follow up questions. She has found that, “People are happy to respond so don’t be afraid to [email]. They are open to answer any questions. They are there to teach.”


For more information on Becky:

Hello! I am a second year DPT student at A.T. Still University in Mesa, AZ. I am originally from Wisconsin where I received my undergraduate degree from Marquette University in Milwaukee. As of now, I am most interested in pediatric physical therapy, but am open to all types and hope to develop my niche through further clinical rotation experience.




Resources discussed on this show:

Combined Sections Meeting App

Doctor of Physical Therapy Student Group on Facebook


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