In this episode of the Healthy, Wealthy, and Smart podcast, host Dr. Karen Litzy is joined by Dr. Mani Kukreja (MD, MPH, IIN), Entrepreneur and Founder of Integrative Health and Wellness Practice Livagewell, to discuss the hot topic of aging well.

Dr. Kukreja shared her personal journey from conventional medicine to a more holistic approach, driven by her own experience with Hashimoto’s autoimmune thyroiditis. She emphasized the importance of addressing the root causes of diseases rather than just treating symptoms.

We discussed the multifaceted nature of aging, which Dr. Kukreja defines as a progressive decline in biological functions leading to increased disease risk and reduced lifespan. She debunked the myth that aging is solely determined by genetics, highlighting that lifestyle and environmental factors play a significant role.

Dr. Kukreja provided valuable insights into the processes of oxidation, inflammation, and detoxification in our bodies, explaining how they contribute to aging and the onset of age-related diseases. She stressed that while we cannot stop aging, we can certainly influence how we age by managing these biological processes.

Time Stamps: 

00:00:02 – Introduction to the Podcast
00:00:13 – Topic of Aging Introduced
00:00:36 – Guest Introduction: Dr. Mani Kukreja
00:01:08 – Dr. Mani’s Background and Interest in Aging
00:02:16 – Dr. Mani’s Personal Health Journey and Approach
00:04:36 – Dr. Mani’s Experience with Her Father’s Health
00:05:08 – Clinical Research Insights on Disease Progression
00:06:18 – Launching Live Age Well Practice
00:06:29 – Defining Holistic Health
00:08:03 – The Aging Industry and Control Over Aging
00:10:03 – Theories and Control of Aging
00:11:09 – Biological Age vs. Chronological Age
00:13:09 – Genetic and Lifestyle Factors in Aging
00:15:18 – Environmental Toxins and Aging
00:16:59 – Addressing Aging in Less Ideal Environments
00:20:43 – Importance of Knowledge and Self-Care
00:21:04 – Supplements and Their Claims
00:23:07 – Proprietary Blends in Supplements
00:24:05 – Frozen Fruits and Vegetables as an Option
00:25:32 – Reducing Biological Age
00:27:10 – Biological Age Explained
00:28:04 – Factors to Improve Biological Age
00:29:33 – Understanding Oxidation in the Body
00:33:08 – The Processes of Aging: Oxidation, Inflammation, Detoxification
00:37:11 – Solutions to Improve Biological Age
00:39:43 – Importance of Sleep in Aging
00:44:35 – Exercise as the Elixir of Youth
00:47:03 – Exercise and Brain Health
00:49:27 – Role of Supplements in Aging

More About Dr. Mani Kukreja:

headshot Dr. Mani KukrejaDr. Mani Kukreja (MD, MPH, IIN) is an integrative health and wellness expert and the founder/CEO  of  Livagewell. She has extensive experience helping her clients optimize their overall health, including metabolic, skin, gut, and immune health.

Mani is a health, wellness, and lifestyle influencer, biohacker, and health advocate who is always on a quest to bio-optimize Health and Aging to live a balanced and sustainable life.

Mani is also an ambassador to a few health-optimizing supplement brands that she truly believes in values.

Dr. Mani has authored several high-impact publications in peer-reviewed clinical research journals in the medical and wellness field throughout her career.

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