In this episode of the Healthy, Wealthy, and Smart podcast, host Dr. Jenna Kantor talks with Dr. Alyssa Arms about the pros and cons of niche podcasting. They delved into the world of niche podcasting and the ins and outs of running a successful podcast focused on dance medicine. Dr. Arms shared valuable insights on the pros and cons of niche podcasting, the challenges of time management, and the importance of staying consistent. Here are some key takeaways from our discussion:

  • Time Management: Running a niche podcast requires significant time and effort, from recording and editing episodes to promoting them on various platforms.
  • Financial Investment: Starting a niche podcast doesn’t have to break the bank. Dr. Arms shared that she spent around $200-$300 on equipment and hosting services.
  • Audience Engagement: While it can be challenging to gauge audience feedback, engaging with guests and sharing valuable content can help build a loyal following.
  • Networking Opportunities: Interviewing experts in the field provides valuable insights and helps expand one’s professional network and knowledge base.

Time Stamps: 

00:00:05 – Podcast Introduction
Introducing the Healthy, Wealthy, and Smart podcast with host Dr. Karen Litzy, including a disclaimer about the content.

00:00:27 – Guest Introduction
Jenna Cantor introduces Dr. Alyssa Arms, discussing her impressive background and contributions to the physical therapy profession.

00:00:48 – Alyssa’s Multifaceted Career
Alyssa briefly describes her diverse roles within the theater and physical therapy sectors, including her private practice and work as a professor.

00:01:21 – Podcast Focus and Value of Time
The conversation shifts to the importance of the listener’s time and Alyssa’s understanding of running a niche podcast.

00:02:08 – Dance Med Spotlight Podcast
Alyssa shares the title and theme of her own podcast, which focuses on dance medicine and dance science.

00:02:20 – Decision to Start a Podcast
Jenna asks Alyssa about her motivations for starting her podcast and the thought process behind it.

00:02:40 – Alyssa’s Podcasting Journey
Alyssa recounts her initial hesitations and the support she received from Jimmy McKay of P.T. Pintcast, which helped her start her podcast.

00:04:26 – Support Among Podcasters
Jenna and Alyssa discuss the supportive nature of the podcasting community and the importance of not worrying about overlapping content.

00:05:08 – Individuality in Podcasting
The hosts talk about the uniqueness of each podcast and how different styles and approaches can attract various audiences.

00:06:33 – Interviewing and Learning from Guests
Alyssa explains how interviewing guests on her podcast has been a learning experience and has helped her build a professional network.

00:07:04 – Consistency and Time Management
The challenges of maintaining a consistent podcast release schedule and managing time effectively are discussed.

00:08:27 – Marketing and Promotion
Alyssa touches on the difficulties of marketing a podcast and ensuring it reaches the intended audience.

00:09:00 – Balancing Podcasting with Other Responsibilities
Alyssa talks about the struggle of juggling podcasting with her private practice and teaching responsibilities.

00:10:05 – Financial Aspects of Podcasting
Jenna inquires about the costs associated with starting and running a podcast, and Alyssa provides a rough estimate.

00:11:05 – The Challenge of Finding Podcast Guests
Alyssa discusses the ongoing effort required to find and secure guests for her podcast episodes.

00:12:21 – Return on Investment (ROI) for Niche Podcasts
The hosts consider the ROI of running a niche podcast, including the intangible benefits and challenges of not always knowing the impact on listeners.

00:13:30 – Motivations for Running a Niche Podcast
Alyssa shares her personal motivations for running her podcast, emphasizing the dissemination of information over financial gain.

00:14:58 – Building Trust and Networking through Podcasting
Jenna shares her own reasons for podcasting, focusing on building trust within the dance physical therapy community.

00:16:54 – The Pros of Interviewing Guests
Alyssa highlights the benefits of learning from guests and expanding her professional network through her podcast.

00:17:46 – Content Creation and Social Media Presence
The conversation shifts to how podcasting can enhance social media content and increase visibility.

00:19:05 – Flexibility and Adaptability in Podcasting
Alyssa advises on being adaptable with podcasting goals and being open to shifts in audience and content focus.

00:20:38 – Advice for Aspiring Podcasters
Alyssa offers advice to those considering starting a niche podcast, emphasizing organization, persistence, and self-kindness.

00:22:31 – Ultimate Goals for a Niche Podcast
Jenna asks about Alyssa’s long-term vision for her podcast, and Alyssa expresses her desire for the podcast to at least be self-sustaining financially.

00:24:45 – Final Thoughts and Contact Information
Alyssa provides her contact information and final thoughts on the value of podcasting within the dance medicine community.

More About Dr. Alyssa Arms:

Headshot of Dr. Alyssa Arms Dr. Alyssa Arms is the owner of Back in Step Physical Therapy, located in Centennial, Colorado. She attended the University of Denver for her Bachelor of Science in Biology. She then went to the University of Colorado Anschutz Medical Campus for her Doctorate in Physical Therapy. She later obtained a board certification as an Orthopedic Clinical Specialist.

Besides her training and experience as a physical therapist, Dr. Alyssa has over 30 years of experience as a dancer, having received training in ballet and pointe, jazz, tap, hip hop, and salsa. She has also been a national circuit competitor in West Coast Swing since 2010.

Dr. Alyssa also loves to teach others. She is a Clinical Senior Instructor at her alma mater, CU Anschutz, in the physical therapy program. She has also been a guest instructor in other programs, including the University of Northern Colorado Dance Education Master of Arts program and the Colorado School of Chinese Medicine. In addition, she provide seminars and workshops for a variety of dance organizations and conferences.

She is passionate about keeping dancers happy and healthy, whether that’s through rehabilitation and recovery, prevention and wellness services, or teaching opportunities for dancers and dance instructors alike!

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