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Live from CSM, I was fortunate to sit down with Dr. John Childs to discuss the new frontier of DPT education. He is a founder and CEO of Evidence in Motion and a partner in Confluent Health which includes EIM, 75 physical therapy clinics across the States, and Fit for Work which helps employers reduce workers’ compensation costs through consultative services.


In this episode, we talk about:

-How Evidence in Motion bridges the gap between research and clinical practice

-Technology’s role in facilitating a new blended educational model for entry level DPT programs

-Revolutionizing the curriculum for the clinical educational experience

-Common criticisms of the blended educational model

-And much more!

The future of DPT education is evolving toward collaborative learning which helps students grow and come together as a profession. This new model also is able to lower the cost of education and give nontraditional students more opportunities to pursue a career in physical therapy.

John welcomes your suggestions by phone ((210) 364-7410) and email (john@eimpt.com). You can find more information about Evidence in Motion here!

Thank you for listening and have a great week!

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Stay Healthy Wealthy and Smart!


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