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On this week’s episode of the Healthy Wealthy and Smart podcast, Dr. Sarah Haag and Dr. Sandy Hilton join me outside the Disneyland Hotel post CSM to take the taboo out of discussing sex. They are both physical therapists who work with anyone needing to get back to doing what they love and who they love and are making the discussion around sex a little more comfortable and approachable.

In this show, we discuss:

What every PT should be asking their patients

-Why you shouldn’t make assumptions about your patients’ sex lives

-How to differentiate UTI from DOMS of the pelvic floor

-How you can approach your partner who has pain with sex

-Guiding principles for pelvic health rehabilitation

-How to navigate sex in the nursing home system

-And a lot more!

Sex is part of normal human function and no other species makes it this complicated. If you are experiencing pain with sex and you want to live a happier and more fulfilled life, there is something you can do about it by seeking help from a pelvic health physical therapist.


You can find more on twitter from Sandy (@SandyHiltonPT), Sarah (@SarahHaagPT), and myself (@karenlitzyNYC)!

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