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“We are still the same people we just have more equipment.” – Kiel Eigen


In honor of September being National Spinal Cord Injury Awareness month I was thrilled to interview Kiel Eigen.  Kiel became paralyzed during a football game when he was in eighth grade, but like he says it does not stop him from living his life.  I interviewed Kiel, along with his physical therapist Dr. Gina Tomassoni a few years ago after he completed a major milestone in his recovery.

In this episode Kiel and I talk about:

* His relationship with his physical and occupational therapists and how important that was for his recovery

* The major milestone he accomplished while still in high school

* How his life has changed since using a new wheelchair from Quantum Rehab

* How the new wheelchair differs from others on the market

* What Kiel does to keep in shape (you might be surprised)

* What his plans are for the future

As a physical therapist it is so important to know your client’s point of view and life outside of their PT sessions.  If you are not taking that into account I think you are definitely missing the boat and not doing your clients justice.  The major takeaways from this podcast are to ask more questions, go beyond the traditional “goals” for your clients and understand their values.  Once you know the values that mean the most to your client’s only then can you make a comprehensive plan of care and make a major impact in their life.


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©2019 Karen Litzy Physical Therapy PLLC.