Are you a DPT student or new graduate thinking about opening your own cash based PT clinic one day?  If the answer to that questions is yes, then this is the episode for you!  In this episode I sit down with Dr. Kevin Prue, the president and director of Prue Physical Therapy and Sports Performance in Cary, NC.  While I am not a huge fan of new graduates opening their own clinic straight out of college Dr. Prue may have caused my thinking to take some baby steps in that direction. 

In this episode Dr. Prue and I discuss:

* His process of creating his business and when he started that process (hint it was not after he graduated!).

* The biggest successes he has had since opening the doors to his clinic.

* The biggest challenges in his business and the steps he has taken to overcome them.

* We go through a quick exercise to find his ideal client to help sharpen his marketing plan.  This is something EVERYONE should do before they open a business. 

* How he differentiates his clinic from the others in his area.

* His best advice for DPT students thinking about opening a PT business.

* And much, much more!

Dr. Prue’s business is about to hit the one year mark and this interview is an honest look at what it takes to be a business owner with all of the highs and lows.  Don’t forget, it is hard work to own your own business, so if this is something you are thinking about doing at some point in your life be prepared to WORK! 

I would love to hear your thoughts on the pros and cons of starting a #CashPT business right out of school. Please leave a comment or tell me about on twitter here or here.

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©2019 Karen Litzy Physical Therapy PLLC.