The Women in PT Summit was an amazing day of conversation, learning and networking.  I am still in awe of how smoothly the day went and how well it was received.  One of the highlights of the day (this is from the surveys we sent out) was our keynote speaker Mandy Antoniacci.  She talked about the need for women to find their voices and rise above all of the noise in the world to share what is uniquely you!  She also shared practical tips on how to get your creative juices flowing.  For example she has always been a lover of music and so she writes her notes on music sheets and goes to Julliard to spark the creativity she needs to find her voice.

Below are some of my biggest takeaways from the day!


  • The concept of amplification. This was brought up a few times during the summit and was inspired by a meeting strategy the women in the Obama administrations adopted to ensure their voices are heard and credit is given to the right people. During a meeting when women would bring up a key point another women in the room would echo that point and give credit to the women who said that key point. Then another women would do the same ad so on throughout the meeting. This would force the men in the room to give credit where credit is due and not claim to have made that key point. Here is an article to link to about it if you want.
  • The need to create an army around you to have that work life balance, you cannot do it all on your own! That army may consist of a partner in life or business, family, friends, a nanny or daycare, interns, employees, dog walker, etc. You need to be able to let go of your total control and allow people to come into your life to help you with the things you may not love to do or may not have the time to do. Life can be hard and work can be hard, but if you have a trusted army surrounding you that have your best interests at heart it makes that ever elusive work life balance more realistic.
  • Learn how to use what you love to find your voice. Then don’t apologize for using that voice! Don’t apologize for advocating for your patients. Don’t apologize for standing up for yourself in the workplace. Don’t apologize for owning a business and being successful. Don’t apologize for celebrating your wins online or in person. Finally, never apologize for doing things your way!
  • Combining the right group of people in the audience with the perfect speakers and a great location can create the most beautiful conversations. And that is exactly what happened at the Women in PT Summit.

After reflecting on the summit for the past few weeks 3 words came to me that I think encapsulate the entire vibe of the summit:

Inspire + Empower + Amplify


We are already in the midst of planning the Women in PT Summit 2017!  We have narrowed down our dates to either September 23rd or September 30th of next year!  I really hope you can join us for another fabulous day of networking, inspiration and fun!

Hope to see you next year!


PS>>>> The hashtag on Twitter for the summit is #WomeninPT and it was trending all day on twitter!!  Please use the hashtag whenever you can!




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