In this episode, I am joined by Taylor Elyse Morrison, a self-care and personal development expert and founder of Inner Workout. She shared her journey as a workaholic and how she had to build self-care skills to not get burned out. Taylor believes the impetus for her journey came from within but noted that both nature and nurture played a role in her ambition and how society’s expectations of her were extra pressures.

Show notes: 

00:02:25 Practice self-care and balance.

00:07:16 Listen and respond lovingly.

00:12:05 Flexible structure for success.

00:17:41 Set clear goals and accountability.

00:23:34 Connect with others for support.

00:29:05 Slow down and enjoy life.

More About Taylor:

headshot of Taylor Elyse MorrisonTaylor Elyse Morrison turned being bad at self-care—and being firmly convinced of every human’s potential—into a career. She’s the founder of media company Inner Workout, and the author of a book by the same name. Recently named one of Fortune’s 10 Innovators Shaping the Future of Health, Taylor is tired of aspirational ‘wellness as usual.’ Instead, she builds businesses, content, and experiences that make well-being and personal development more accessible. You’re just as likely to see Taylor facilitating a workshop at a Fortune 100 as you are to see her talking about TikTok and body image with a high school class. Wherever she goes, Taylor’s sure to use her coaching, mindfulness, and movement training to meet people where they’re at and offer actionable steps towards creating a world without burnout.

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