In this episode of the Healthy, Wealthy, and Smart podcast, Dr. Karen Litzy is joined by Sheela Ivlev,MS, OTR/L, CIMHP, an occupational therapist specializing in mental health and wellness. They discuss the importance of global perspectives in healthcare and how they can benefit both businesses and patients. They also talk about the San Diego Pain Summit and the diverse community of healthcare professionals it brings together. Sheila shares her personal background as a Bengali American and how it has shaped her perspective in the field. Tune in to gain a broader understanding of healthcare and the value of embracing different perspectives.

 Show notes: 

 [00:01:06] Global perspectives in healthcare.

[00:06:44] Global perspectives for health.

[00:11:01] Educating healthcare practitioners on cultural sensitivity.

[00:15:44] Asking about people’s lives.

[00:20:05] Health care for immigrants.

[00:22:48] Healthcare systems and physical therapy.

[00:27:38] Diversity in healthcare professions.

[00:33:30] Referrals and community connections.

[00:36:03] Building networks and improving outcomes.

[00:43:12] Healthcare on Native American reservations.

More About Sheela Ivlev:

headshot of Sheela IvlevSheela Ivlev (she/her) is a Bengali American Occupational Therapist and Certified Integrative Mental Health Professional. She is the founder of OT Bay Area, WellWrx Consulting, and DisruptOT, an international grassroots organization disrupting the status quo of systemic oppression in healthcare, building community, highlighting global voices, and providing free education to healthcare users, students, and practitioners worldwide.


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