In this episode of the Healthy, Wealthy & Smart podcast, guest host Dr. Jenna Kantor interviews Dr. Sarah Troicky about her journey in physical therapy, specializing in dance. Dr. Troicky shares the obstacles she faced in her early career and how she overcame them to achieve success. They discuss the importance of niching down in a specific area and the challenges it entails. Dr. Troicky also talks about her background in dance and how it influenced her career in physical therapy. Tune in to hear her inspiring story and valuable insights.

Show notes: 

[00:04:03] Industry challenges and body image.

[00:05:08] Body acceptance and diversity.

[00:11:06] Overcoming emotional challenges in healthcare.

[00:14:13] The problem with referrals.

[00:21:16] Creating connections with dance studios.

[00:24:03] Overcoming creative roadblocks.

More About Dr. Sarah Troicky:

headshot of Dr. Sarah TroickySarah Troicky is the owner and founder of Trinity Physical Therapy and Wellness.  She is originally from Longmont Colorado and currently lives in Lakewood. Her journey into the realm of physical therapy was shaped by a deep-seated passion for dance, an art form she fell in love with during her formative years.

With a rich background in various dance styles, including ballet, jazz, modern, tap, and hip hop, Sarah’s expertise was acknowledged through numerous awards and scholarships. This recognition paved the way for her to dance in Hollywood, CA. During her time in California, she actively participated in a research study conducted by the physical therapy department of USC, focusing on common dance injuries. This unique experience ignited Sarah’s desire to merge her two passions—physical therapy and dance.

In 2019, Sarah graduated from Pacific University’s doctorate of physical therapy program. Her academic journey included a specialized internship in dance, providing her with hands-on experience in working with dancers. Certified as an athletic trainer, Sarah brings extensive expertise in addressing sports-related injuries, having worked extensively with athletes.

Sarah’s approach to physical therapy is holistic, viewing each patient as a complete individual and aiming to address the root of the problem. Her qualities of patience, persistence, and unwavering commitment make her a dedicated ally in helping clients overcome pain.

Beyond her professional pursuits, Sarah finds joy in spending quality time with her husband, Miguel, and their son, Luka. Her leisure activities include cooking, hiking, playing tennis, and indulging in the timeless joy of taking dance classes.

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