In this episode I was thrilled to interview Dr. Sharon Dunn the current president of the American Physical Therapy Association.  Dr. Dunn is a breath of fresh air and she has the right attitude and leadership skills to usher in a new era for the APTA.  Her great Louisiana accent just adds to her charm!


In this episode we talk about:


 ·    Her days growing up in Louisiana and how that helped to shape her leadership skills and her decision to be a physical therapist.


·      How she first got involved in the APTA and her journey to becoming president.


·      Her BEST advice for those physical therapists who might be on the fence about getting involved in the APTA….hint it is super easy!


·      What were her personal challenges in taking over the reigns as president of the APTA.


·      What are the biggest challenges facing the profession of physical therapy


·      What steps can the APTA (remember if you are a PT you are the APTA…it is not just those with leadership positions) do to help with the challenges facing our profession.


·      How does Dr. Dunn change the negative connotation of a challenge to a positive (I have started using this brilliant mindset daily).


·      How physical therapists are uniquely qualified to accomplish the triple aim of healthcare.


·      What does Dr. Dunn have in common with Albert Einstein (aside from being crazy smart!).


On the healthy Wealthy & Smart Community Board this week is the PT Day of Service.  Treating at a pro bono clinic. Working in a soup kitchen. Cleaning up a park… No matter where or how, we have the ability to positively impact change. Whether we call ourselves ‘Physical Therapists’ or ‘Physiotherapists,’ service embodies who we are, what we do, and how we act. Become a part of PT Day of Service™ as we join together to better the world!  The day of service will be October 17, 2015.  For more information click here.


Check out this episode!

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©2019 Karen Litzy Physical Therapy PLLC.