In this episode, Functional Medicine Practitioner Dr. Meg Mill, PharmD, talks about headaches and migraines.

Today, Meg talks about headaches and migraines, what causes them, and how to get to the root of your headache to treat it. What are the major contributing factors to chronic headaches?

Hear about treating headaches as a functional medicine practitioner, controlling stressors, and get Meg’s advice to her younger self, all on today’s episode of The Healthy, Wealthy & Smart Podcast.


Key Takeaways

  • Environmental triggers:
    • Heavy metals, mold, allergens.
    • Solution: Putting an air filter in your bedroom, doing mold testing.
  • Food triggers:
    • High-histamine foods.
    • Solution: Avoiding aged cheeses, fermented foods, shellfish, avocado, foods with tyramine, citrus, MSG, aspartame, and caffeine.
  • Hormonal triggers:
    • Estrogen-dominance, rapidly changing hormones, and hormone-enhanced products.
    • Solution: Visit to rate your products.
  • “There is hope to make a change in your life.”
  • “Be open. You never know what road it’s going to take.”


More about Dr. Meg Mill

headshot of dr. meg millDr. Meg Mill is a Functional Medicine Practitioner, bestselling author, podcast host, and speaker. In her virtual Functional Medicine practice, she works with patients worldwide to heal the root cause of their health struggles through advanced diagnostic testing and personalized support.

She has been seen on Fox News Channel, ABC, NBC, CBS, CNN and in Reader’s Digest, Health Magazine, and has appeared on many podcasts. She is particularly passionate about helping people end headaches and migraines, increase energy and restore mental clarity without drugs or overwhelming protocols with her proven E.A.T. Method.


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