I am happy to have Dr. Lorimer Moseley AO back in this episode of the Healthy, Wealthy, and Smart podcast. In this episode, Lorimer shares insights into his recent research projects and developments in pain science. We discuss the Fit for Purpose model and the evolution of pain education, emphasizing the importance of educative interactions in clinical practice. Tune in to learn more about Lorimer’s current projects and his upcoming classes in North America.

Time Stamps: 

00:00:00 – Introduction and Welcome

Lorimer is welcomed back to the podcast, and the host expresses excitement about discussing his recent projects and developments since 2021.

00:01:09 – Exciting Discoveries in Recent Research

Lorimer discusses the nature of discoveries in clinical science, mentioning upcoming publications and the streams of research that currently excite him, particularly in pain education.

00:02:04 – Insights from Clinical Practice and Pain Education

Lorimer shares insights from clinical practice data, highlighting significant findings about patient outcomes related to their understanding of pain as a protective feeling.

00:04:05 – Learning About Learning

The importance of learning in clinical interventions and its impact on treatment outcomes is discussed, emphasizing the need to shift focus from education to learning.

00:06:39 – Upcoming Clinical Trial Publication

Lorimer teases a forthcoming paper on a clinical trial for chronic back pain, detailing the innovative approach taken in the trial to improve treatment credibility and effectiveness.

00:10:56 – Research on Social Determinants of Health

Discussion shifts to the impact of social determinants on health outcomes, with specific focus on back pain and the broader implications for treatment accessibility and effectiveness.

00:16:31 – Pain Revolution Outreach and Challenges

Lorimer talks about the Pain Revolution program, its goals, and the challenges faced in reaching rural communities, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic.

00:27:21 – Cognitive Flexibility in Pain Management

The concept of cognitive flexibility is explored, discussing its relevance to pain management and the challenges in accurately assessing it.

00:39:43 – Personal Experience with Pain and Cognitive Flexibility

The host shares a personal story about dealing with potential pain triggers at Disneyland, highlighting the role of cognitive flexibility and support in managing pain responses.

00:50:22 – Recap and Future Directions

The conversation wraps up with a recap of the discussed topics, emphasizing the complexity of pain management and the ongoing efforts in research and education to improve patient outcomes.

More About Dr. Lorimer Moseley AO:

headshot of Dr. Lorimer Moseley DSc PhD FAAHMS FACP HonFFPMANZCA HonMAPA, Bradley Distinguished Professor, Professor of Clinical Neurosciences, Foundation Chair in Physiotherapy University of South Australia, Founder and CEO, Pain Revolution, Chair, PainAdelaide

Lorimer’s main interests are persistent pain and other protective feelings. His research group investigates pain in humans, from cognitive and behavioural experiments to clinical trials and implementation studies. He has authored over 410 scientific articles and seven books. His contributions to the science of pain, to the treatment of persistent pain, to pain education, and to public outreach, have been recognised by honours in 13 countries. He has delivered keynote lectures at world congresses in six fields. In 2017, he founded the non-profit Pain Revolution and in 2020 he was made an Officer of the Order of Australia, that country’s second highest civilian honour, for ‘distinguished served to humanity at large in the fields of pain and its management, science communication, education and physiotherapy.’ His public facing pain education videos attract millions of views each year. He lives and works on Kaurna Land in Adelaide, South Australia.

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Pain Revolution Website

Fit For Purpose Model

Pain Science in Practice Courses in North America


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