In this episode, Creator of The Magnetic Soul-Work Success System, Keiya Rayne, talks about her process from no talk to TEDx talk.

Today, Keiya talks about leveraging the power of energy to land a TEDx talk, how to set yourself up for success, and how to achieve a calmness and confidence in the Red Circle. How did Keiya go from having no talk to stepping onto a TEDx stage?

Hear about the secret sauce to creating, developing, and delivering an Influencial talk, find out how the TEDx talk has changed Keiya, and get her advice for her younger self, all on today’s episode of The Healthy, Wealthy & Smart Podcast.


Key Takeaways

  • “We have all these different experiences of our lives, and when we bring them together it makes the essence of our lives, and it gives us a message that we can impart to others and help them improve their lives.”
  • “The secret sauce is hiring a mentor.”
  • “When you’re giving a TEDx talk, you want to appeal to a lot of people.”
  • “When you have an idea that’s worth spreading, then it’s universal.”
  • “The human energy is so powerful.”
  • Keiya’s 1-minute energy reset tool:

“Pivot, pause, smile.”

  • “The most important thing is to make the decision and have the intention to do so.”
  • “A lot of times we’re so focused on doing. I want to introduce the idea of the beingness – the energy of lightness about what you desire.”
  • “People buy from you based on how you make them feel.”
  • “A lot of times we’re afraid to even take that step. Set the intention to do that, apply, and go for it. If you have that desire, then the universe wants you to have it.”
  • “Nothing is ever going to replace rehearsing.”
  • “When you feel comfortable and confident, and you’ve embodied your talk, then you’re free.”
  • “Be still, and trust that everything is going to be okay.”


More about Keiya Rayne

Keiya K. RayneInfluential TEDx Speaker, Keiya K. Rayne, is a Clarity Coach, Relationship Expert, Intuitive Healer, and the Creator of The Magnetic Soul-work Success System.

Described by one of her clients as Yoda, but only cuter, for more than 15 years, she’s helped her clients master their mindset and attraction energy, so they’re able to achieve a higher level of success in the areas of Love, Business, and Purpose with unexpected ease.

Keiya’s been featured in the documentary, The Big Talk Over Dinner: Race and immigration, The Big Talk, Follow me Friday, Courage Up podcasts, as well as various online magazines publications.

She’s a recipient of The White House President’s Volunteer Service Award for her humanitarian work domestically and globally.


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Keiya’s TEDx talk: Being Taught to Form a Line is the Greatest Gift We Can Ever Receive

TEDx Round Table Talk


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Read the Full Transcript: 

Speaker 1 (00:01):

Hey Caio, welcome to the podcast. I’m so excited to have you on, and it’s so great to see you.

Speaker 2 (00:08):

Likewise, it’s a pleasure to be here. It’s like, you know, a family reunion side rail to be here

Speaker 1 (00:14):

This whole month. We’re talking about how to get on a TEDx stage. And I was part of the speaker salon, which is by Tricia, Brooke, who is also a guest this month. And I met you and I met Kate and we’re all getting together to talk about how to get on a TEDx stage and really just how to do a talk. Right? Yeah. So let’s start. My first question is how did you go from having no talk to getting on the TEDx stage? I think

Speaker 2 (00:45):

Everybody wants to know. Yes, yes. That is, you know, it’s a very fascinating story. I actually met Tricia Brooke at an event. And when I met her, there was something that was just in her energy that drew me to her and I just really fell in love with her. And of course she mentioned, she was, of course speaking about speaking. And I just casually mentioned to her, I’m like, you know, I’m going to get on your stage now. I did not really have an interest of getting on her stage. I, you know, I knew, you know, in my life like getting on a stage at some point in my life was going to happen. You know, I just, I just knew that, but at that particular time, I was really just kind of like, yeah, you know, that sounds good. Well, of course, two weeks later, I get this email from Trisha saying, Hey, I’m launching this week or salon and that’s what happened. And so I did speak her salon and it was through the speaker salon. Now, when I arrived on the speaker salon, I had no talk whatsoever. And, you know, with Trisha, she really creates a safe space for you to just get up and share from your heart, from your soul. And I got up and whatever she was able to pull out of me you know, most people were like, wow. And so

Speaker 1 (02:12):

I can, yes, that is true. I will, I will agree with that.

Speaker 2 (02:17):

Right. And that’s right, you were there. And and that was the making of my TEDx talk. And then later on I did another speaker salon and that was where one of the TEDx producers was in the audience. And that’s how I landed my TEDx talk.

Speaker 1 (02:36):

Yes. And now let’s talk about, so do you have, did you have a specific process by which you had your idea, you then took that idea and formulated your talk?

Speaker 2 (02:53):

Well, you know, thankfully the idea from my talk came from the speaker salon. And so for me, what was great about that was that I already had something. And so I was able to really just, and it’s interesting because my TEDx talk had pieces of my speaker salon talk, and there’s something that I will share later, but there’s a little, the secret sauce that was, you know, really working with someone to help you do that. But it was really, you know, receiving the support, I believe from Tricia in working with that talk and being able to take it, it’s fascinating because, you know, we was able to take all these different experiences that I’ve had and was able to bring them into this talk. And a lot of times, you know, we may think of ourselves like, well, you know, I don’t really have a talk and not realizing that, you know, we have all these different experiences of our lives and when we bring them together and really makes the essence of our lives, and it really gives us something that we can a message that we can impart to others and, and, and help them improve their lives, inspire them in some way.

Speaker 2 (04:17):

So you don’t have to reinvent the wheel to find these talks. You can look at your life experience, look at within yourself and say, Hey, wait, this happened to me and it might help someone else is abstinence kind of what I got. Yeah, exactly. Exactly. And just keep in mind though, you know, TEDx talk is a very different type of talk, so it’s not like it’s a keynote talk or write it. It’s a very specific type of talk, which I’m sure, you know, Trisha will elaborate on that a lot more, but either way, right. There were still all these different pieces that came together to create that top. Yeah. Right. And now you alluded to this before, but the secret sauce to creating, developing and delivering this impactful TEDx talk, what is that secret sauce? You know, it’s, it’s, it’s, it’s a V it’s, it’s simple, but it’s not.

Speaker 2 (05:13):

And I’m going to tell you, the secret sauce is hiring a mentor and they’ll just, you know, just hire Patricia, Brooke, because I, I just believe, and she doesn’t even know what I’m saying this, but I really believe she she’s just the best. I mean, she knows this inside and out, but she is, you know, she has a hearing and I, and this is something that she’s really masterful at helping other people share their story. And so when you’re able to find that type of person who can really help you in all these pieces, right. And then, you know, because like I said again, right. Tedx talk is, is is, you know, we suspend the islands and they may say it in America too. Like, you know, a horse of a different color, you know? So when you’re getting on, when you’re dealing with the red circle, right.

Speaker 2 (06:07):

You, you really need to know if that’s right. If you want it to be impactful right. And influential, then you want to get someone who knows how to make that happen for you. Yeah. And I should also say, I’m glad that you kind of said, it’s, it’s different than a keynote talk. Right. Because when you’re at a keynote talk and you’re at a conference or something like that, you’re really directing that talk to a specific group of people. Right. So you really have narrowed down in each down to maybe what is probably your ideal audience, but when you’re giving a TEDx talk, you want to appeal to a lot of people. Was that difficult?

Speaker 2 (06:50):

It wasn’t. And I’m going to tell you why. I didn’t think it was difficult. I think it was because of the message, right. The idea worth spreading. And so when you have an idea that’s worth spreading, then it’s universal. Yeah. That’s very true. Hey, wait a second. What was your TEDx talk about? We didn’t even mention that yet. I mean, we’ll mention it to get at the end, but what was, what was your TEDx talk about? Give us the cliff notes and then of course we’ll have a link to it in the podcast. Exactly. Exactly. Well, it, it’s how being taught to form a line is the greatest gift you can ever receive. And so all I’m going to say about that is, you know, we all learn how to form, you know, like what we were like in grade school, learn how to form a line and not realizing the impact that something as simple as that has had, have had on our lives, as well as, you know, other people around the world who really don’t know how to form lines.

Speaker 2 (07:54):

Right. And through my humanitarian work, you know, I did humanitarian work for many, many years traveling around the world. And that was a big thing. Just getting people to form a line. And so that’s kind of, you know, a little, I don’t want to give it all away. No, no, no. Don’t give it all the way we want people to go and watch it and listen to your words. Yeah. So now let’s take us to that moment of when it was your turn to give your talk, you have to go into the quote unquote red circle. So how do you set yourself up energetically for success? How do you stay calm? Cause I feel like if I was wearing my Garmin watch, my heart rate would be like 106. Like it would be off the charts. I would be so nervous. So how do you do this?

Speaker 2 (08:42):

Well, you know, the thing is, you know, the nerves are there, but energetically, you know, I started setting myself up and which is something I do every day. Right. So it is a, it is a non-negotiable practice for me to really set myself up energetically every day. And that is, you know, through meditation, through journaling, through you know, getting quiet and doing all those things that will enable me to really get into a calm state and, you know, the more you practice it right in, and you’re in, you know, that right? So the more that, you know, so that is something that I’ve practiced for so long. And so that when it was time for me to get on the stage, I had that to reach back to. And so I, I really was able to kind of channel right. Being calm because it was, it was something that practice because when you’re ready to go on that stage, it’s just, I mean, you know, everything is happening.

Speaker 2 (09:44):

You’re what am I going to remember my lines? And, and it wasn’t the time for that. And, and just to get in the zone, but when you set yourself up for that, right, you, you are really working on your vibration on, on, on your nervous system and calming yourself down, you know, then that makes that that’s a game changer, because that was one of the things that I heard quite a bit was you looked so calm when you gave your talk, you know, it was like, you just, you were just walking, like you were floating. It is like, Hey, you don’t know how much, you know, right. It was all that meditation and breathing exercise that I did.

Speaker 1 (10:23):

I think that’s a really great point for people to understand is that you’re still nervous, but you had some tools to help mitigate that a little bit. Now, would you recommend, let’s say someone they want to get on a TEDx stage and let’s say they’re accepted. We’ll just throw that out there. Is this something that you would recommend someone to do in preparation for that or just something to do just because you’re a human being

Speaker 2 (10:49):

Living in this world? Well, both, I think just, you know, just as a human being, living in this world, right. We have so much to deal with and I’m really, really big on, you know, mastering your energy and understanding, you know, the human and the human energy is so powerful. And I think it’s one of those things that we as humans don’t really give a lot of attention to, you know, like we just don’t realize the power of, of our energy and, and of our vibration and how, when we learn to manage that, and we can also use, we can also learn to leverage that as well. So it’s, you know, when you learn how to do the two, wow. Yeah. It really, it, it, it puts you in the center and it really assist you in every area of your life.

Speaker 1 (11:43):

And do you have for the listeners, if they’re curious, like, what the heck is she talking about? How can I do that? Do you have like a quick example of how someone do that, or even where they can find out more information about how to do that?

Speaker 2 (11:58):

Well, you know, it’s, that’s a great question. And one of the things that I was going to that I’m offering the listeners is what I call a one minute energy reset tool. Right. And what that is. Right. And it’s, it’s a one minute tool that we can use to always bring ourselves back to the moment. And it’s called pivot, pause, smile. Right. Very, very simple. But it’s very powerful. Right. And so as, even as you’re going through your day and you’re like stressed out, and if we just think to pause and you think, okay, I’m going to pivot my energy in this moment. I’m just going to put a smile on my face. Right. In that moment, you can change it. But as well, there are tons of, you know, whether it be method, meditation, breathing exercises, there’s quite a bit, but I think the most important thing, right. Because you can find it if you want, it is to make the decision and have the intention to do so. Yeah. And this

Speaker 1 (13:04):

Is the kind of stuff that I know you probably work with with your clients on the regular, right.

Speaker 2 (13:10):

Oh, 100% because it’s not negotiable.

Speaker 1 (13:15):

Yeah. And, and now let’s talk about, so we talked about how to kind of set yourself up for when you get into that red circle, but what about landing a Ted talk? I mean, that’s stressful as well. Right. So can you walk us through your process of how you, like, how did you choose which one, how did you foster your energy toward landing that go ahead. Okay. So

Speaker 2 (13:49):

In my case, I was actually, you know, because I was, I was kind of recruited if you will. Right. It was like, I was auditioning without realizing I was auditioning for a TEDx talk. And, you know, at the end of Tisha speaker salon, she has people come in various influencers and producers come in. And so in that sense, I was fortunate that sort of the introduction was already made for me because he saw me and it was like, Hmm, I wanna meet her. However, I still needed to apply. And so this is, I feel like it’s my secret sauce, right? W in, in terms of applying. So I actually want to go back to when I was giving my talk. Now I knew there were going to be produces influences in the audience. And so I actually had set myself up and a genetically from then to attract and land buy talk.

Speaker 2 (15:02):

It’s really, really important. Right. And so would, that would look like was, again, in my morning practice eyes, you know, set the intention one that, Hey, wouldn’t it be great to be chosen by one of the influences or one of the produces. So that was an intention that was already set, right? So there’s, there’s that energetic piece there sending myself up. This was even when I got on stage to do speaker salon, and again, just having the, what I call the universal law of detachment. And so I wasn’t attached to whether I got chosen or not. It was just really important for me to, to give an impactful and inspirational and transformation, transformative talk, but I just want to plant the seed right. That it started. So the, the energy, the energy of everything that you do starts from the very beginning.

Speaker 2 (16:11):

And so I will tell you, I wasn’t surprised by the fact that I was chosen in a way, because I had sort of said that intention, and there was an energy, right. That I was putting out there for that. And not to say that other people weren’t doing it right. Because it’s, everybody’s like, they’re putting out, I want to give a talk. Right. But there’s something about when you understand and which I spoke about before, when you understand how to leverage energy and you really get to understand the power of attraction that we have to attract what we desire into our lives. Right. And so with all of that, all of that, knowing if you will, which is what my speaker salon talk was about, I think created that vibration within me. Right. So that whoever was in the audience, it made it possible. Right. For kind of, for them to define me. Does that, does that make sense?

Speaker 1 (17:19):

Yes. And I, I really love that. What was it? The universal law of detachment. Yes. I really I’m. I don’t think I’ve ever heard that before, but I really like it because if you go, it, it sounds to me and correct me if I’m wrong, but you went into this talk with that sort of love detachment. So it wasn’t like your whole being was, was predicated on this talk. Right. Is that right? That’s exactly correct. Exactly.

Speaker 2 (17:50):

Correct. And it’s also when you learn how to use universal laws and university and just energy. Right. And so these laws are set up to, to support us and we don’t know about them. And so would that combination, right? That, that was sort of the, like the, the game, if you will. Right. I was playing, that was w that enabled me to create that sense of lightness. Right. And, and so, and I say that because now let’s think about the person who’s now applying. Right. So I, I still had to apply, but I was kind of like in, because he saw me. So let’s say for the person that you know, is not in front of a producer, and now they’re applying to a TEDx talk. And what I want to, what I’d love to invite that person to do is because everything is energy.

Speaker 2 (18:47):

And so even when you were filling out that application, if you’re filling out that application with the energy of desperation, Oh my God, I really want to give this talk. And, and, and, but there’s so many other, all of that, right. You’re, you’re going there is just like, you’re going to block yourself from attracting that talk. Now I’ll tell you something. I heard I was listening to two women speak about applying for TEDx talks and, and both women had already given TEDx talks. And so they were speaking of applying for other TEDx talks. And as I listened to both of them, I can hear the level of, sort of the level of, of stress and frustration in, in, in, in, in all that it takes right. To apply for the TEDx talk and right away, I was like, wow, just, just that alone, just that energy that you even, you know, coming to it from where you’re coming from with it will impede the process.

Speaker 1 (20:02):

Yeah. That makes a lot of sense. And, and I think, I just want to make a clarification when you’re talking about that universal law of detachment, it doesn’t mean that you’re filling it out and saying, Oh, whatever, if I get it, I don’t really care. Is that right? Cause that was kind of coming, especially as you were speaking just now I was thinking, wait a second. That doesn’t mean that you’re like blahzay and like, whatever.

Speaker 2 (20:27):

Right. Not at all, not at all, not at all. It’s, you know, it’s, it’s, it’s kind of, you do your part and then you release it.

Speaker 1 (20:36):

That makes sense. Yeah. So you’re still doing your part with the best intentions with all your, with your energy and your, this is the ASM. Yeah, exactly. Exactly. And, and I bring, and I

Speaker 2 (20:48):

Bring, you know, and I bring, I keep going. I, you know, I go back to the energy piece a lot because, you know, again, for the, let’s say for the person who’s applying for that top, right. W w w a lot of times we’re so focused on doing yes, yes. Right. And so, and we do that with everything. Like, I want something I’m going to go after, what do I have to do to get it?

Speaker 1 (21:09):

We often say that in an email, what do I have to do? What, what are the next steps? What I have to do next? What do I, yeah, totally,

Speaker 2 (21:16):

Exactly. Right. And so I want to really introduce the idea of the beingness of that energy of lightness, about what you desire and what you want, be it a TEDx talk or anything else, because it’s that sort of, that energy of likeness that, you know, I feel makes, makes you more of a magnet to that. And so you’re not impeding it with your okay, I got to do. And, but also as well is that you’re leveraging, right. You’re leveraging energy in a way, instead of just, you know, all of the, like, what do I got to do? And you’re trying to make this happen. Right. It’s like, you kind of like, okay, because then the right person will be put in your path, your application, you know, the person that is reading your application that is watching your video. Right. They are going to feel you, they can feel right. So everything is, and so that’s why it’s so important to bring in, I feel the energetic piece. Yeah.

Speaker 1 (22:30):

And thank you for that. I think that’s great advice for anyone out there that wants to with the, with the aspirations and the hopes of getting on a Ted ex or maybe even a Ted stage. Yes. At some point that will come, these live events will come back. I know it. And, and what has changed for you since you did your TEDx talk?

Speaker 2 (22:57):

Oh my God. So much, so much, so much in terms of, you know, I will say even my, my level, just my level of confidence that in and of itself, I think my, you know, the income, my clients, just my entire, just everywhere in, in all aspects of my life has really gone to a completely different level, you know, since doing the TEDx and more importantly, just me as a person. Right. I have evolved and grown since then. Yeah.

Speaker 1 (23:30):

Yeah. Cause oftentimes people, you know, if you’re an entrepreneur, you have your own business, you may, part of going onto the TEDx stage is yes. Of course, to get your message out, but also like, will this help my business?

Speaker 2 (23:43):

Absolutely. Yeah. And it sounds

Speaker 1 (23:46):

Like people have found you, people have started to want to work with you, which is amazing. Absolutely. Absolutely. And, and that, that’s, what’s great about, I think just taking the stage in general, really, because people have an opportunity to to hear you. Right. And so as an entrepreneur, it makes it a little easier, right. In terms of you don’t need to go looking for people because they’ve heard you, they’ve seen you and it, it kind of gives them an insight into who you are. They get to feel you, they get to connect with you. And you know, when people buy from you based on how you make them feel. Absolutely. Absolutely. I love it. Now. Is there anything during this talk, did we, did I gloss over anything? Did we miss anything? And if we did, let me know if we didn’t, what’s your best advice for someone wanting to get on a TEDx stage,

Speaker 1 (24:45):

You know, hire Tricia, Brooke. I could second that yes. You know what, we’re not, we’re not paid to do that. No, we’re not right. I’m just going to keep it real, you know what I’m saying? Like, and, and I say that, and I’m gonna tell you why I say that. Right. and also you, right. First of all, if you have the, the, the desire and the intention to do so, go for it. Like just, you know, I think that’s the most important, I think a lot of times we’re afraid to even take that step. And sometimes someone might think, Hey, you know, a TEDx it’s too big. Cause a lot of people will look at that TEDx talk or tend to be like, Oh my God. Right. Like I could never do that. Right. And so, you know, besides hiring Tricia had, you know, said that intention to do that apply and go for it because if you have that desire, then that the universe wants you to have it.

Speaker 1 (25:44):

Yeah. And, and, you know, working with Trisha or with any other coach, I think just really, really important. I remember during our speaker salon, like I remember people going up and speaking and I was sitting there thinking, I thought this was supposed to be for like, non-professional speakers. Why is everyone like a professional already? And I got up and I was like shrinking in my chair, like, Oh, this is amazing. This is not good. This is amazing. But having Trisha there, cause I remember my idea of doing my talk about my experience with pain. And I was speaking about it in the third person. And I remember a Trisha like, like I was, you know, just maybe a couple of minutes in and she was like that was really good. But let me ask you a question. Is this about you? And I was like, yeah, it’s just like, why, why are you talking in the third person? And it’s those and that,

Speaker 2 (26:44):

It’s those simple things that we would never be aware of and never. And the other thing I want to say about that too, was that, you know, when I, when I was done with my talk, I was able to, with my TEDx talk, I was able to go into the audience and sit and you know, support and watch the other speakers as well. And there was there was a difference, it was a clear distinction and difference, right. Between the people that, you know, had, I’m able to Tricia speakers in particular because there was, I think two of them that went after me. Right. and the other speakers. And so it, it really

Speaker 2 (27:29):

Separates you. Yeah. And I would think, and this is, this will be the lab. Maybe we could talk forever, but I think practice, practice, practice. How much did you practice? Let’s not gloss over this. Yes, that’s right. That’s right. Thank you so much. Because when you said was there something that we forgot that was it because in my mind I was like, I, I gotta remember that. So yes. Well all we got all the energy, right. You’re, you’re centered. You’re, you know, you’re you’re you got your energy together. Nothing. And I mean, add absolutely nothing is going to replace

Speaker 3 (28:19):

Rehearsing. Yes.

Speaker 2 (28:20):

Memorizing. And so what gave me that confidence also, right. To be calm was the fact that I knew that talk inside and out and, you know, and, and, you know, Tricia taught us also how to memorize. And so that for me was, was really the key because then, you know, when you feel comfortable and confident and you’ve embodied your talk, then you free. So thank you for bringing that up because I really wanted to like, make sure that we said, Oh yeah, I can just use my energy. And then yes. Yes. And just to give the listeners some insight how, if you could even remember how many hours do you think you rehearsed? Cause it’s not like five hours. It’s not like you just did it a couple of times. No, no, no, man. You know, it’s, it’s kinda 24 seven almost really like I’m, I’m serious.

Speaker 2 (29:31):

Like I, you know, in the beginning, you know, and I think we kind of, I give myself like a little bit of a leeway, like kind of in the beginning I was like, okay, let me, you rehearse. I think for the last, and I didn’t have a whole lot of time. I had, how much time did you have since, since you knew you were going to get the talk till the day you gave it. Exactly. And it was unusual, right. Because usually people can have, I think like up to six months, I think I found out, I think speaker salon was like July 20th and September 7th. Oh boy. Yeah. Okay. Right. I think it was either June, June, or July. And so I had very little time because I think I was the last person that came on board. Okay. Right. But, but I think we all, we all found out at the same time, but but I mean, because I didn’t apply, so I didn’t even kind of, I hadn’t applied yet.

Speaker 2 (30:26):

So I kind of didn’t even know that I would even be chosen. So it was a very, a very short period of time, which meant rehearsing, rehearsing, memorizing. Like I ate, slept, drank that talk so that I can embody it. So I didn’t have to deal with the nerves. Right, right. Excellent. Well, this was great. Now Kaia, where can people find you on social media website, et cetera, et cetera. Awesome. Awesome. Thank you. Yes. People can find Kaia K rain. Actually, I’m going to spell it for you even. I know you’re going to have the link. It’s K E I Y a K R a Y N And you can also find me on Instagram and if I’m making it easy for you, everything is Kaia K rain, Instagram, LinkedIn, all those good places. Excellent. Well, thank you so much. And I, Oh, I almost forgot. I have one last question. Knowing where, and I ask everyone this, but knowing where you are now in your life and in your career, what advice would you give to your younger self? Wow, that is, I love, love, love, love, love this question.

Speaker 4 (31:46):


Speaker 2 (31:48):

Be still and trust that everything is going to be okay. Fabulous advice. You know, because when I look back and if we all look back at our lives and we look at all the things that we stressed out about and we worried about it and we made ourselves crazy about like every little thing. If you real, if you knew that if I can just have a sense of trust and just chill, I was going to say, chill the hell out. Right. Things are going to work out. So that’s, that would be my advice. Excellent advice. And I thank you again. And of course everyone, we will have links to everything Kaia, including her TEDx talk in the notes at podcast

Speaker 1 (32:40):

Dot healthy, wealthy, Thank you so much for coming on this one.

Speaker 2 (32:44):

Wonderful. Thank you. Oh, this was great. Thank you so much for having me. It was fantastic.

Speaker 1 (32:50):

And I’ll tell you listeners, thank you so much for listening. Have a great week and stay healthy, wealthy and smart.

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