In this episode physical therapist and podcast cohost, Dr. Jenna Kantor talks about the highs, the lows, and everything in-between from the past year.

We talk about:

  • The effects of Covid-19 on life and the practice of physical therapy
  • Online bullying in the physical therapy world
  • Realizing the importance of friendship
  • The mental shifts we experienced over the past year
  • What we are looking forward to in 2022
  • And much more!


More about Dr. Jenna Kantor:

Headshot Dr. Jenna Kantor Jenna Kantor, PT, DPT, is a bubbly and energetic woman who was born and raised in Petaluma, California. She trained intensively at Petaluma City Ballet, Houston Ballet, BalletMet, Central Pennsylvania Youth Ballet, Regional Dance America Choreography Conference, and Regional Dance America. Over time, the injuries added up and she knew she would not have a lasting career in ballet. This lead her to the University of California, Irvine, where she discovered a passion for musical theatre.

Upon graduating, Jenna Kantor worked professionally in musical theatre for 15+ years then found herself ready to move onto a new chapter in her life. Jenna was teaching ballet to kids ages 4 through 17 and group fitness classes to adults. Through teaching, she discovered she had a deep interest in the human body and a desire to help others on a higher level. She was fortunate to get accepted into the DPT program at Columbia.

During her education, she co-founded Fairytale Physical Therapy which brings musical theatre shows to children in hospitals, started a podcast titled Physiotherapy Performance Perspectives, was the NYPTA SSIG Advocacy Chair, was part of the NYC Conclave 2017 committee, and co-founded the NYPTA SSIG. In 2017, Jenna was the NYPTA Public Policy Student Liaison, a candidate for the APTASA Communications Chair, won the APTA PPS Business Concept Contest, and made the top 40 List for an Up and Coming Physical Therapy with UpDoc Media.

​Jenna Kantor currently holds the position of the NYPTA Social Media Committee, APTA PPS Key Contact, and NYPTA Legislative Task Force. She provides complimentary, regularly online content that advocates for the physical therapy profession. Jenna runs her own private practice, Jenna Kantor Physical Therapy, PLLC, and an online course for performing artists called Powerful Performer that will launch late 2019.

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Hey. Hey, Jenna, welcome back to the podcast for our annual year and Roundup, if you will. And I want to thank you for being a great addition to the podcast and for pumping out really amazing podcast episodes, you’re great hosts, the energy is fantastic. And the podcast episodes are always great. So I want to thank you for that.



Oh, my God, you’re so sweet. I like I was definitely not as much of a podcaster this year, I acknowledge that. But hey, listen, we’ve all been adjusting this year to pandemic and now pandemics still happening, but also recovery. And I’m just grateful to still be a part of this podcast in any manner to be in this interview right now. Because I really, you and I are very much on the same page regarding remaining evidence based and speaking to people that we respect in this industry, and also people that we want to see just rise and have great success. So I’m just grateful to be honestly, I am humbled to still be in the room here with you.



Thank you. That’s so nice. So kind. Now, let’s talk about this past year. So 2021, obviously dominated by the ups and downs of COVID, which is still going on as we speak. We’re we’re both in the northeast, so we’re experiencing an incredibly high surge at the moment. So COVID is obviously a big story. And I think part of the COVID journey that isn’t being talked about as much. But I think general public, certainly the mainstream media, are people now living with long COVID. It is just something that seems to be skimmed over. And we know that at least at least the bare minimum is 10% of people diagnosed with COVID will go on to have symptoms of long COVID. And instead of some of the studies that I have read recently, those percentages are much, much higher. So what I guess, what is your take on all of that? And what do you think we as physical therapists can do to keep this in the in the forefront of people’s minds.



We discussed this before, but I think there’s going to be bias within this. So I want to acknowledge that we all have our biases. That being said, I think we need to first acknowledge there was a phase where there was a part of the world that did not think COVID was real. So based on the research that is out there, and personal experience of a lot of people getting it, as well as personal friends very close personal friends working in hospitals in New York, specifically COVID is real. So I want to say that first. I’m not going to differ from that I really wish there I’m I think we’re past that in the world. I think there was never a clear cut of like, Oh, I got it, I see that it’s real. I was wrong. I would have liked that moment, because that hurt people in the process. But I just want to say that first. So COVID is real. Okay. Now, let’s not belittle it. And I think in regards to the patient care. I think this, the reality of long COVID needs to be just as respected. Just like when you have a patient that comes in the door and says they’re in pain, and you don’t believe them. We need to stop that. So we need to believe them and their symptoms, and what they have and what it’s from and treat it accordingly. Because if we go in the door to help out these individuals who are struggling with this, they’re not going to get better. What are your thoughts?



No, I agree. I agree. And I’ve heard from people living with long COVID that people don’t believe them even their own family members, people in who work in medicine, they don’t believe them. So I think that’s a huge takeaway that if as clinicians we can do one thing sit down Listen, believe because the symptoms that they’re having are real. We did a couple of episodes on long COVID thing was back in August and spoke with three amazing therapists and they’re all involved with long COVID physios so if anyone out there wants more information on living with long COVID I would definitely steer you to long COVID physio on Twitter and and their website as well. Because they’re a wealth of knowledge. These are people living with long COVID their allies, they are researchers and I think they’re putting out some amazing information that can help not just you as the clinician, but if you know someone that maybe you’re not doing directly treating maybe it’s a family member living with long COVID I think the more information you have, the more power you can kind of take back to yourself.



I love that. I love that. It’s the biopsychosocial model. I mean to that I from working because I work specifically more with performers, the psychosocial component, my my patients, my people I call my people, my people would not be getting the results they’re getting if I didn’t have to deal with that, with them standing by their side, holding their hands helping them through and out of their pain. There’s symptoms every day and this that goes for anything.



Yeah. And and we now know, speaking of performers that a lot of Broadway shows are being sort of cancelled, and then restarted and canceled and restarted because of COVID outbreaks within the cast. So this may be something people might think, Oh, I work with performers. I don’t have to worry about long COVID Well, maybe you do.



Yeah. Yeah. And for them, it’s the, from the performance that I’m in contact with on Broadway that, you know, it’s I’m, I’m, I’m very connected. I’ve been in the musical theater industry for a very long time. So for the people who are on Broadway, the individuals I spoken to, they’re doing okay, which I’m really, really grateful for. It is a requirement for the performers to be triple vaccinated, and now they’re getting triple vaccinated. I know one performer on Broadway, who was about to get her booster shot, and then ended up getting COVID, which was quite unfortunate. She’s doing okay, though. Grateful, no signs of long COVID Right now, but for the performers, you’re talking about dance, there’s endurance and breathing that is necessary. If the singers even if they’re, they’re not dancing, they still dance, they’re still asked to do things, they still have out of breath, emotional moments, were breathing is challenged. So I’m just bringing up one component with long COVID. But that’s, that’s a big standout for performers specifically, that need, it needs to be kept out for them. I remember one time during, oh, goodness, during 2020. And it was the latter portion of the year. And I was doing virtual readings with performers. That’s how I was staying connected with my my friends and people in the industry. And it was our way of being creative. In the meantime, while we’re waiting for things to open back up. And one individual is she what I just cast her to read as the lead in the show, and she was so good. It was my first time hearing her perform first time meeting her. She was Outstanding, outstanding. And at the end of it, we were going around checking in with each other how we were doing and she started to cry and opened up about losses and her family due to COVID. And that she didn’t think she would be able to sing like that again, because she had been dealing with her breathing problems for so long. And so then we all get emotional with her. I’m getting emotional just thinking about it. So yeah, it’s it’s a it’s a real thing. We didn’t have the vaccination then. So I’m interested to see statistically where we are at with long COVID with having the antibodies in our systems. Obviously, everybody is different, but I’m hoping that there’s less of it because of the vaccine.



Yeah, time will tell right? Yeah, we have we need those data points. So aside from obviously COVID being, I think the biggest story of the year, certainly within healthcare and even within our field of physical therapy. What else have you seen over 2021? Or maybe it was in an interview you did or a paper you read that really stuck out for you as as a big part of the year you know, it made it’s made it it made its mark for you.



Oh, I’m going to focus just on the PT community. And I want to emphasize with community I see our community at really, we’ve always butted heads there’s always things that we butted heads on. But I’ll just give the instance that really made me go whoa, I was in a room with a bunch of intelligent wonderful human beings and discussing something I said a term that I thought was really common especially because in the musical theatre industry. We are fighting for dei diversity, equity inclusion all the time. Like if this is a topic of conversation all the time. It is a huge thing in regards to casting what is visually out there the most at like the highest level and, and bipoc the phrase bipoc was unrecognized by a good portion of physical therapists in this room and I was disappointed Did I was it said so much it doesn’t. It’s not saying that a person is evil for not knowing no. And that is not my point. But it is a problem that it’s not being discussed to the level where these common extremely common thing phrases are not just known. That just says a lot to me, because it’s in regards to people getting in the door access and being reached, in lesser, lesser affluent areas, that to me, it shows that it’s not being discussed, it’s not being addressed. If it was, then bipoc would be, and this is just one instance. But I thought that was very eye opening. Because it’s just like saying, I’m going to eat today, someone saying, I’m not going what you’re not eating, I don’t know. And that was a bad example. But just something that is or you wake up you breathe, that is how known the phrase bipoc. Same thing with LGBTQIA. Plus, in my community, like, for me to go into another room and for things to need to be defined. I know we all have different worlds. But I think as physical therapists, there, there’s a disconnect, unfortunately, depending on wherever we are from, and we need to fix that. Because I can’t live everywhere. I can’t treat everyone in the world, I can’t treat all the performers in the world, I don’t want to I like having my niche practice and treating select individuals, and boom, my people do very well. And if it gets to a point that it starts to grow, I’m going to be passing them along because I don’t want I don’t want that I don’t want it to be huge like that. And with that in mind, I need more people who know and therefore are our allies. To me, it’s a lack of ally ship, of just not knowing the basic language. And I and I apologize to anyone who’s listening on my intention is not to sound like a white savior at all. It’s not. But with my limited knowledge at this point, I’m already seeing something that is really, really lacking amongst each other and we need to fix it. I don’t know if it’s books or I don’t know, I don’t I don’t know the answer to that. But I’m just addressing that was that was the biggest standout thing for me this year.



And it for those of you who maybe are not familiar with the American Physical Therapy Association, they have what’s called House of Delegates. So they had a meeting in September of this year during the APTA centennial celebration. And in that they did pass a resolution that the APTA would be an anti racist organization. Now, were you in the room when that passed? Jenna?



No, I was not in the room, I was actually there at the House of Delegates a bit discouraged this year, I know. i The fact that they were able to figure out any manner to put it on is is a feat to be had after 2020 20. However, the in person when you go and if you are not a delegate, which I was not this year, you can usually sit in the room, and just be in the back and listen, because the because of the space that they got in the way it was set up, there were chairs in the back of the room, but there weren’t that many and it filled up. So they already preemptively set up another room where you could watch what was happening on a TV, which did not sit well with me. Because I could have stayed home instead of flying in for that. So I was definitely not in the room. I definitely was less present this year. Because of that I was I was bitter, I was bitter. I was bitter. I felt like I I already know you it’s through elected and know who you know, to become a delegate, but I really felt disrespected and unimportant. Being in a separate room, watching from a TV rather than actually getting to be in the room because there are ways that they hold the meeting where you can stand up to say a point of order to speak on some points from the from the back of the room. And I just wasn’t even going to wait to see how they figured that out. I just felt like not a not an important voice. So I wasn’t present for that. But I do know about that. I think it’s wonderful to get that on the docket. But the same thing when we voted in dei unanimously. How?



What comes next? You mean? Yeah, well, yeah.



What is the game plan? Because for me, I can say a sentence like that. But then what are the actual actions and that’s where it’s like, is that going to happen? Two years down the road three years. What are we at what are we actually doing? What are the measuring points and take action? and not meetings on it, not being hesitant on making mistakes. Let’s make mistakes. Let’s just go for it. That’s the only way we’re gonna learn. There’s no such thing as a graceful change, no matter how hard you try,



right? Yeah, yeah, I agree. I think like you said, what comes next is? Well, I guess we’ll have to wait and see what are the action steps they’re going to take in order to create that and, and live up to the, the words of being an anti racist organization? Because it was passed overwhelmingly.



Right? And then I’m sure they applauded for it, you know, like, this is great. But to me, I think it’s, I it’s just like, okay, you know, like, what, but now what? Because from DJI and the I heard that they’re trying in the battle in this behind the scenes, trying to move forward, but I have not seen action there. And maybe I’m missing something, you know, feel free to call me out Call me whatever. Like, I’m, I would love to be wrong.



Yeah, these big organizations are slow ships to steer. That’s not any excuse whatsoever. But I understand there’s a lot of layers that one has to go through to make things happen. As you know, you’ve been volunteering for the APTA for a long time. So you understand that, but I think a lot of people who don’t don’t, so that’s why I just wanted to kind of bring that up and saying, like, yeah, it takes it takes a long effing time to get stuff done, you know?



Yeah. And I mean, you can hear it, I’m frustrated by I’m not, I’m not happy about it. And but it’s, it’s because of my friends, the conversations I have, and I, I’m, I’m lucky, I’m a sis white, stereotypical female. So like, the way the world has been made, and the way it caters to humans. It fits me, but it doesn’t fit everyone and I’d like I can’t imagine what it would be like to just be left out of a lot of things in everyday life. I think that’s horrible.



Yeah, agreed. What else? What else do you think was a big something that you saw within the profession? Or even trends in health and fitness that might have really changed over this past year? For better or for worse? I can think of one I think and this is just my opinion that the the communication via social media has gotten a little too aggressive. Is that a nice way of saying it? Like I don’t understand it, I don’t get it. I took like a little break because I was Oh, can’t say I was bullied because I feel like bullying. It’s that sort of like you know someone is having like a sustained go at you. So I don’t know



it’s bullying is bullying. Yeah, bullying is bullying. That’s the thing is that we have a lot of bullying that happens but then they gaslight you about their bullying. It’s like Whoa, it’s next. It’s almost like a strategy. Like they’re playing a game of Monopoly, and they have down how to win. Like, yeah, people barely there is a lot of bullying.



Yeah, a lot of bullying. A lot of threatening, like, I get like threatening DMS or people threatening me, you know, on their Instagram stories or whatever. For I can’t imagine I look back at that interactions. And I’m like, I don’t get it.



Yeah, I don’t get it. Yeah.



So I and my first reaction was to like, when people will do this and be so aggressive as to send like a Taylor Swift GIF. Of her song, you need to calm down. And then I have to take a step back and be like, that’s not gonna help the situation any. Right, right. Right. Don’t do it. I just sort of back off. But I think because of that, bullying or threatening behavior, I’ve



really like I’ll say it bullying continue. I’ve,



I’ve just like, for the past couple of months, I’ve really taken a backseat to any kind of social media just to like, give myself like a mental health break, you know, like meeting I don’t comment on things. I might post some things here and there, but I don’t really make any comments, unless it’s to. And that’s mainly and I’m going to say this because from what I can tell it’s true, is it happens to be men in the profession who are a little more aggressive than the women, like women can seem to have a bit of a nicer conversation around whether it’s a question or, you know, something, but when a lot of the men it’s just become so like ego driven, that there’s no resolution, and it’s just mean. Mm hmm. And so I was like I need to take a break. So I saw a lot more of that this year. I don’t know if it’s because of lockdowns and because of a heightened sense of what’s the word? Stress to begin with? And then yeah, or something else on top of it? I don’t know. But I, I saw that this year, definitely for the worse, because I just think, gosh, if people outside the profession are looking in and watching these exchanges, what are they thinking?



Yeah, yeah, I’ve definitely seen it in sis males specifically.



Yeah, yeah.



I’m not it honestly. doesn’t it’s not a specific color of skin. But specifically sis males.



Yeah, I would I would agree with that. Yeah.



I have. I have experienced a little not not to the level, but I’ve definitely experienced that. And it’s for 2021. And it’s not okay. No, it’s not okay. However, I ever look at it as a blessing. And this is where I get I love looking at it like this. Yes, please, please, thank you. Thank you for identifying that you have no space in my room, my shelf my space at all. I will not take advice from you in the future. And I will not heed any, any value to what you have to say, because of your willingness to chop me down. Thank you for identifying yourself. I’m now in the debate of blocking you from my mental health. And that’s it. And that includes in person. That’s it. That’s it. And I really don’t look as blocking as like, wow, for me, I’m going like, No, I don’t want to know you. I don’t want to know you. And my life is so much better because of it when I was at the PPS conference, because of just going No to the to the people I don’t want to know and just saying like, just straight up like I like I don’t need you, I don’t need you. I want to be a service to people who need physical therapy period. So people are going to just, you know, find ways of you know, and spend their time writing some angry thing. Have that that’s on them that’s on them. Like I’m like, like, and if it and honestly I will likely block you.



I love that I love like you’re you’re it’s not just that you’re blocking the person. You’re blocking the energy blocking the energy they’re bringing into you and draining you down. So then you’re not at your best well, or with your friends or loved ones patients, even with yourself. Yeah, you know, if you have to ruminate on these people. I love that. Yeah, it’s not it’s not just blocking you from social media, it’s blocking the energy that you the the bad vibes, if you will, that you’re Brown. And that affects you that affects your mental health that affects you emotionally. And it can carry through to a lot of other parts of your life and who needs that? Yeah,



and, and for anybody who’s trying to saying like, I can a bully did it or like it. Okay, let’s, let’s look at it this way, when you’re messaging an individual something, first of all, we all know this. When you write in text, everybody’s going to interpret it with different tone. So as soon as you write in text, we all know this, and we’re taking advantage of that fact. So that way, you can later go, oh, I said it in a nice tone, Bs when you’re typing it, it can be in whatever freakin tone and you know what you’re doing. Also, when you’re not talking to a person, the only time you show up is to say something negative. Yeah, that’s you’re not your voice is not important. And you know, your voice isn’t important.



It’s so true. What I’ve actually seen is a lot of these, these kinds of people, they’re not getting the attention they used to get. Mm hmm. Do you know cuz I think more people are of the mindset of like, I don’t need this anymore. Like this was maybe this was funny. Maybe this was cute a couple years ago. Ah, not anymore.



And also I love I don’t like having down moments, but we all have our down moments in our career and in our life. But I what I do love about the down moments in the career in life, the people who are around at that time, those are your friends, those are the people you want to know. So I love my moments in the PT world. When I’m in a down moment because the people who want to talk to me then those are the people I want to know. Whereas when I’m you know, can candidate for the private practice section, you know, which is awesome. And then people want to actually talk to me then. Oh, wait, I’m gonna wait and see when you know, I’m not that. Am I still someone you want to speak to? That is those are the people I want to invest time in. Those are the people I want to invest time in. I want to see you you do well and vice versa. I want to be able to get to know you as a human more and more and more. I just want the children Relationships, it doesn’t mean I’m going to have time or you know, we’re gonna have time to talk every day. But I want those true relationships. So for me, those downtimes, when I might not look the most graceful, I might be messing up or maybe not messing up. Maybe I’m actually making a change here speaking on something or getting people to think differently ever thought of that, you know? Awesome. Like, are you gonna be here to chop me down? Or just be here to have a conversation and having a conversation? Set up a phone call? If you really care? Like if you really could you don’t? People don’t care that Oh, reaching out, they don’t care about you cannot be when they’re reaching out to give feedback. Let’s have a comfort. No, they just want to get into an attack mode. No, we No, no, don’t try to decorate it. We know that’s what’s happening. And yeah, that were to town. There’s enough going on.



Yeah, there’s enough going on. And you know, this conversation really made me reflect on the past year, and I think what’s been a good thing has been the deepening of good relationships. So like, nobody has time for that other, like bad stuff anymore. Like there’s enough bad stuff happening. I don’t have time for that. But what you do have time for is the relationships that are two sided, you know, a nice bilateral relationship that you’re willing to invest in, and allow that relationship to come deeper and grow. And I feel like, you know, and like, you don’t have to be friends with 1000 people, you know, you can be friends with a handful you can be friends with one person. And if that person, it’s it’s real and deep and meaningful, then isn’t that wonderful? And I think years ago, I used to think, oh, the more



people you know, the better. Me too. Me too.



And now I think because of the upheaval of the last couple of years now, I’m really finding like, you know, I need like couple of good people that I can count on to have my back to, like you said, lift you up when you need to, and maybe to like, give you the honest truth when you need it as well. Right? Exactly. So I’ve been really, really happy that over the past year, I’ve made some really nice deeper connections with people than the physical therapy World Sports Medicine world. And I’m really, really happy about that. So I think that’s been a real positive for me,



I totally agree with you, I mean, that our relationship is naturally growing over time, which I appreciate and, and I really do I completely on the same page completely on the same page. And and for me, when I go to conferences, like I’m really isolating more and more, who are the two are the people that like I must spend time with? And and then if other people want to join sure, you know, absolutely. But I I’m not overwhelming myself, oh, I need to be friends with that. No, I don’t need to. And you know what, like, that became very apparent when I seen people speak, even at PPS, where the goodness, they were showing slideshows with their friends, and it was like, literally all people who are elected in the higher positions are all best friends with each other. It is it’s true, you can’t deny it. If you’re up there. If you’re one of those people. It’s true. And you know what, I look at it like this, my friends may go up there to that, mate. That’s not why I’m friends with you, though, you know, in friendship through because I like you as a person. So I’m gonna let that lay and not even explain and go into more depth and let people interpret that how they want and the right people will stay in



my life. Exactly. So what are they? What are they? Let’s, let’s sort of wrap this up on a positive note. What are their positive things came to you this year, whether it be professionally, personally,



oh, I think being more comfortable in my skin at conferences. So I had the I mean, absolute honor. Like I was really overwhelmed with happiness at the private practice conference this year. It was just so cool to be nominated. And I felt so much more comfortable in my own skin going up there. I you know, there there are a couple naysayers not realizing there’ll be naysayers that, you know that I had to deal with but going up and it was a small moment. But we had you have this rehearsal. I don’t know if it’s done the same way. For the nominees where they go, you practice when your name is called going behind the podium and then walking down the stairs so you know what to do when you’re asked to go out there and give your speech. And I went out there and I did a great vine to my spot. And I mean, I was so happy I did that because I was feeling it and that’s what I would do. I did a great fine. And I know that silly, nobody else paid attention to me honestly probably knew that I was doing it. And some were probably like, Oh, but I didn’t care. I was like I am on this freakin stage right now, this is the coolest thing. And to be at that place of like more self acceptance, because I know I don’t have the stereotypical personality and energy, you know, that that is normally accepted amongst the vast community. So to be more me in that moment, I felt very proud. I felt very proud of myself. And that was really cool. I’m really, really happy about that. And then I like Dan, you know, sat down and ate some more bacon, it was great.



Well, and you know, being comfortable in your own skin that then comes across to the people who are in front of you. So when the speech actually came about, I’m sure people picked up on that picked up on the fact that you’re now more comfortable in your skin that you’re more comfortable, perhaps as a physical therapist, and because you found you’re not that you’ve, you’ve already had this niche, but you sort of found your niche. You know, what, you what you’re in the physical therapy world to do. Does that make sense? Yeah, yeah. Yeah.



Absolutely. Absolutely. And I got a little bit picked on for being too perfect with my speech and everything. And I was like, I you know, in reflection on that, I was like, they just haven’t fully accepted my energy. That’s okay. Don’t get there. Okay. That’s it. Don’t get there. I’m like, I’m a performer. So it’s gonna happen. You know, do you want to join a British company dialect? That’s,



that’s a weird comment. That’s a weird criticism. Yeah, but yeah, you know,



but I felt I felt I felt like I had to reflect to go No, I actually felt really good, because I’ve definitely put it on before. No, I practiced it to be to deliver it. Me as me. And now it’s so fun. So fun. Oh, my God. Yeah, I was just that that was a big, positive. Awesome, awesome feeling. I work with so many people who are in the PT industry, who want to be dance physical therapist or physical therapist assistants and imposter syndrome is super real. And so I like that I’m practicing what I preach and self love. And and it’s awesome. How are you doing all that this year?



I’m better. I mean, imposter syndrome, I think, for me is always there, like always kind of underlying the surface, if you will. But I think that’s pretty normal. You know, the more and more I listen, or I read about, like, these famous people who are up on stages and in movies, and you know, people who think oh, they have no, they must be like, amazing. And no, they it’s the same thing. So I think for me, accepting that it’s normal has actually helped decrease it a little bit. Instead of feeling like, oh, boy, everyone else here is like, amazing. And I’m like the loser trying to keep up. And then I think, no, that’s pretty normal, because I think everyone else feels that way as well. Yes. And then once once I was able to accept that it makes going up on stage, like, I don’t get as nervous as I used to, and it’s been. It’s been much, much better for me even speaking. Like I was joking, I could say I now I shared the stage with FLOTUS, because at the future physical therapy summit, I spoke for literally a minute and 45 seconds as a spokesperson for the brand Waterpik. So Waterpik has these wonderful showerheads. And they sponsored the future physical therapy Summit in Washington, DC back in September. And so the sponsors got to go up and say a little something. So you have literally less than two minutes, and I had to get all their talking points in. But I also like, decided to make it funny. So I was just saying things off the cuff. And afterwards, everyone’s like, that was a great bit. I love that bit about your parents. I’m like, I didn’t think of it as a bit. But okay. But then the good news was afterwards, people came up to the table, the Waterpik table, you know, in the, in the hall area, and like the one guy was like, I wasn’t gonna come up, but then after that talk, I had to come up and see what you guys are all about. I needed to find out what you were doing and hey, can you do this? And so, for me, I felt as nervous as I was to go up and speak be mainly because it wasn’t about me, it was about Waterpik. So I wanted to do them proud, you know, and afterwards, they got so much great feedback and possible partnerships selling through clinics with 700 locations? And can we do a study with Waterpik? On wound care? Can we do a study with Waterpik on people living with CRPS and using these, like, and that’s exactly what they were looking for. So that made me feel like much better and gave me a little bit more confidence. And it was also fun to be able to do such things kind of off the cuff. You know,



that’s so cool. Yeah, I love that. You should definitely be proud. That’s so cool.



So that was really fun. And then the next speaker, it was it. The next speaker a two speakers after me was the First Lady of the United States Dr. Joe Biden. So yeah, there you go. No big deal. No big deal. Yeah. FLOTUS. So that was really fun. And was that yeah, for me, I think that was a big highlight of of the year for me, I guess professionally, which was really cool. is cool. That is so cool. It was it was cool. Anything else that for you? Did we miss anything that you wanted to get in?



Yes. For the Yes, yes. Yes. Okay. I now live in Pittsburgh and and was visiting New York had a great time. I got to see Karen at one of my favorite salad places, although I didn’t get my normal favorite salad, which now I’m in regret until I go back again, to get my favorite salad from Sweet greens. It’s the kale salad. It’s so good. Caesar kale salad. I highly recommend it if you’re going and you want to save some money because I love to be cheap in New York. Okay. said that. Now I’m not sponsored by sweet green. I just love sweet green. Okay,



I know we’re dropping. We’re dropping a lot of like,



I know. Like suede. And also get Levine’s cookies. Okay, yeah. When you go, I never have gone to the tourist areas. I avoid it. But I spent a lot of time in Times Square because I was going to see Broadway shows. And it’s also one of the few Disney Stores that still is open. So I had to go in there. I got a wreath I didn’t need but I needed you know, and Okay. Rockefeller Center. So I go there to meet Stephanie. Why rock as you and I didn’t have enough time with your Stephanie. But while we were waiting, there’s a whole show of lights. A GG know that you knew this that like it’s with music and everything like Disney. I had no idea. What’s the store that darkness said yes Avenue, Saks Fifth Avenue. And it’s like castle and lighting. It was I was just joking. If you don’t know, I love Disney. I love Disney so much. And this was a Disney experience. And I just we weren’t waiting in the cold. I’m like, all bitter. You know, I just I’m not happy in the cold. So I’m like, and then the light show on Japan?



Yeah, it’s spectacular. It was



so great. I had no idea and it goes up like every few minutes. It’s quite regular. So if you like oh, we miss it. You’re fine. Just wait a few minutes. It’ll start again. i Oh, go see it. Go see it. Don’t stand in Time Square for New Year’s. But go see that that was such a wonderful, positive, beautiful moment. And, and just great. It was great. Also, there are a lot of great photographers in New York. So if you’re visiting New York, and you want to get stuff for social media, that is the spot to get it. There are so many talented photographers you can get reasonable prices and and build your social media real fast. All right, that’s it.



Perfect. Well, before we wrap up the year, where can people find you if they want more information about you in any of your programs? And also let us know what you have coming up in 2022?



Okay, well, most immediately, you’re going to find me at Disney Land in February this year in 2022. Because I’m going to be there my birthday. If you go there on the 16th of February. Just let me know. And we’ll like meet up with you. But no, I’m going to be eating junk food all day. So if you’re expecting me to be held a healthy influence, I will not be alright. For me, I’m going to be continuing with my private practice, working with performers and continuing with helping people live their lives as dance PTS helping you on the business and treatment side with my dance PT program. But most importantly, because I’m always like I’m a performer and physical therapist. I’m doing all this work right now. I am getting back into performing which I’m really happy about so I’ll be submitting a lot more which I’m just super stoked. I feel like all my work stuff is is being is much more easier to handle now I’ve got it down. And the systems are in place if you will get to audition more than I’ll be a movie star just like that because it’s so easy. It’ll be great, but I’m really excited about that. What about you Karen?



Oh, that’s exciting. Gosh, I’m not gonna be a movie star. Anything So what do I have coming up? Let’s see, um, this past year I finished the Goldman Sachs 10,000 small business program, highly recommend anyone to apply to because it’s really amazing. How many more plugs can we drop in this episode? And so I’m going to this year, I’m looking to hire another PT for my practice, right? Mm hmm. Which is very fun. Exactly, it grows, but



you’re like, I’m not going to take all the patients. It’s gross,



but time to bring on someone else. Right. And then continuing to work with just a couple of people. With business coaching, I like take four people at a time for me that I get it handle, it’s good enough for me, I’m happy to do it. So that will open back up again. Maybe end of January of 2022. Because like you said, when you know what you can handle and you know that you can help the people who want to be helped, then it becomes so much easier. So now I feel like I’ve got this under control. I know how to split up my time and manage my time. And so I’m really looking forward to that in 2022 and we’ll see what happens.



I love that. That’s awesome. Yeah. Yeah, are so cool. I love what you do.



Where can people find you? Oh,



yeah, so I have the dance physical therapists Facebook group. So that’s one specifically for PT so you will find me in their active conversations once talking about performing arts research all that stuff. You can find me at CSM Oh yeah, social media, dance physical therapists on Instagram. I am also musical theater doc on there. But I really associate people more regarding musical theater, not other pts. So dance physical therapist, is that and then on Facebook, Jenna cantor. And yeah, pretty much Jenna Cantor from Twitter and Jenna cantor. Yeah, your website. Jenna cancer, PT, calm.



Perfect. Perfect. Excellent. Well, Jenna, thank you so much for coming on and wrapping up 2022. And for all of your help and friendship throughout the year. I really appreciate it. And appreciate so



much. I have to just say that joke that keeps coming to my head every time you keep saying wrapping up. I feel like I should be wrapping a present. I just it’s a stupid joke. But I just need to put that in there. Thank you. I said it.



Tis the season when in Rome, right? Yes. All right. Well, thank you again, so much. And everyone. Thank you so much. On behalf of myself and Jenna, for listening to the podcast all year and for supporting it. And you know if anyone has any suggestions on anyone they’d like either one of us to interview please let us know. You can find us on social media. I’m on Twitter at Karen Litzy. NYC and Instagram at Karen Litzy. You can email me Karen at Karen Litzy. Calm it couldn’t be any easier. Or you can find me at Karen Litzy calm. We’re super easy over here. So let us let us know if there’s any topics or people that you’re like man, I really want to hear from this person. We’ll be more than happy to see if we can get it done. So thanks again. Everyone have a very, very happy new year and a healthy 2022 And of course stay healthy, wealthy and smart.

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