In this episode of the Healthy, Wealthy, and Smart podcast, host Dr. Karen Litzy, PT, DPT, talks with Dr. Evangelos Pappas, PT, PhD, and Andrew Gamble about the importance of utilizing a decision aid for ACL ruptures in children and adolescents as a valuable tool to offer evidence-based information for guiding treatment decisions. The decision aid was developed in accordance with international patient decision aid standards, involving a multidisciplinary team comprising physical therapists, orthopedic surgeons, psychology researchers, and decision science experts.

Time Stamps: 

00:00:05 – Introduction and Disclaimer
00:00:28 – Shoutout to Jane Practice Management Software
00:02:15 – Episode Topic Introduction: ACL Rupture and Surgery Decision Aid
00:02:58 – Guest Introductions: Andrew Gamble and Evangelos Pappas
00:05:16 – Importance of the Decision Aid for ACL Ruptures
00:07:09 – Challenges in ACL Research for Children and Adolescents
00:09:09 – Misleading Online Information and the Need for Evidence-Based Resources
00:11:43 – Setting Realistic Expectations for ACL Surgery Outcomes
00:13:06 – Impact of Realistic Expectations on Patient Satisfaction
00:15:10 – Lack of Awareness About Long-Term Risks Post-Surgery
00:17:22 – Development Process of the Decision Aid
00:19:34 – Feedback and Refinement of the Decision Aid
00:21:09 – Importance of Visual Appeal and Graphic Design
00:23:45 – Surprising Insights from Interviews
00:25:17 – Considerations for Concomitant Injuries
00:27:07 – Recent Research and Findings on ACL Treatment Options
00:30:37 – Advice for Physical Therapists on Discussing Treatment Options
00:32:49 – Decision Aid as a Conversation Starter
00:35:02 – Benefits of Prehabilitation Before ACL Surgery
00:36:22 – Importance of Discussing Post-Surgery Expectations and Pain Management
00:37:04 – Accessing the Decision Aid and Related Resources
00:38:23 – Key Takeaways and Psychological Support
00:40:42 – Final Thoughts and Advice for Listeners
00:43:08 – Contact Information for Andrew and Evangelos
00:44:15 – Advice to 20-Year-Old Selves
00:48:15 – Closing Remarks and Thank You

More About Dr. Evangelos Pappas, PT, PhD:

headshot of Dr. Evangelos PappasEvangelos Pappas (he/him) is currently a Professor and Associate Dean (intoHealth) at the University of Wollongong where he works on the development of the Health and Wellbeing Precinct at the Innovation campus. He teaches in the areas of musculoskeletal biomechanics and anatomy. His research focuses on the aetiology, prevention and treatment of athletic knee injuries. He has published extensively in this area where has utilized biomechanical, epidemiological and clinical approaches to address anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) injuries.

More About Andrew Gamble:

Headshot of Andrew Gamble Andrew is a Musculoskeletal Physiotherapist with 10 years’ experience working in private practice and with sporting teams in Sydney, Australia. He is now completing a PhD full-time at The University of Sydney and teaching in the Physiotherapy program. His research focuses on improving access to evidence-based information and decision-making in healthcare.


Resources from this Episode:

Evangelos on Twitter

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ACL Decision Guide

Development of a patient decision aid for children and adolescents following anterior cruciate ligament rupture: an international mixed-methods study

Paper: Online information about the management of anterior cruciate ligament ruptures in Australia: A content analysis

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