In this episode, I am joined by Emma Jack, physiotherapist and coach, to discuss her journey from burnout to breakthrough. Emma was overwhelmed and unsatisfied with her career path until a panic attack in 2016 led her to reflect and make a change. Emma decided to take a step back and focus on herself to build a more sustainable, fulfilling career. This is her story and her advice for other healthcare practitioners.


Show notes: 

00:05:17 Check in with yourself.

00:12:17 Fill yourself up first, serve others.

00:17:05 Take time for yourself.

00:26:28 Our worth is not outcomes.

00:30:49 Take care of yourself.

00:40:22 Lean into your true self.

00:40:40 Stay curious and evolve.


More About Emma:

Emma is a sport and orthopedic physiotherapist and owns her own practice Press Play  Physiotherapy and Pilates in London, Ontario, Canada. She holds a Masters of Physiotherapy as well  as a Masters of Clinical Science, has her Sport Physiotherapy Diploma, is a Fellow of the Academy of  Manual and Manipulative Physical Therapy and is a lead therapist with the Canadian National  Women’s Hockey Team.

Sounds pretty cool, right? While those accomplishments and credentials do bring a sense of pride,  Emma also recognizes that many of those things are ultimately what left her feeling intense anxiety,  chronic stress, overwhelm and burnt out. Her credentials may span two lines on a business card, but  in recent years Emma has totally transformed her practice and life in order to ensure that her  accomplishments no longer define her. Now, much of her time is spent working as a Co-Active  coach helping other clinicians show up fully for their lives and careers in a way that feels authentic,  sustainable and most importantly, fun!


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