On this episode of the Healthy, Wealthy, and Smart Podcast, Dr. Karen Litzy delves into the world of foot and ankle health with expert Deborah L Walker Goetz, BS., MS., Ed., PT, an educator and healer passionate about getting people back on their feet. DL shares her journey into specializing in the foot and ankle, emphasizing the importance of balance, fall prevention, and the crucial role of the foot as the base of support for our body’s center of gravity. Tune in to learn valuable insights on foot mobility and maintaining stability for overall health and wellness.

Show notes: 

[00:01:08] Foot and ankle interest sparked.

[00:07:37] Functional corrective diagnosis and evaluation.

[00:10:20] The importance of big toe.

[00:15:24] The importance of foot mobility.

[00:19:47] Foot and ankle surgeries.

[00:24:44] The complexity of the foot.

[00:28:25] Treating patients holistically.

[00:34:16] Alignment dictates function, stability, and mobility.

[00:35:19] Finding PT alignment for stability.

More About DL Walker:

headshot of DL WalkerDeborah L Walker Goetz, (DL Walker for short) is a Corrective Functional Therapist, Educator and Health Care Management Consultant, with a specialization in foot and ankle therapy.  With over 35 years in health care, her education includes degrees in Physical Therapy, Fitness, Cardiac Rehabilitation, and Exercise Science.

She has completed advanced post professional certifications in Functional Manual Therapy, Health Coaching, and Energetic Medicine.

A teacher at heart, DL creates credentialed course work internationally for Physical Therapists (physios), Podiatrists, Podorthists, and Athletic Trainers. Her courses are approved for CPD credit in the UK and continuing education in 31 US states. Utilizing Diagnostic Functional Evaluation, a straightforward, simple, and targeted system to promptly identify the root cause of an issue, combined with a comprehensive corrective functional treatment method, facilitates a fast and comprehensive approach for the prevention, enhancement of performance, and rehabilitation of the lower kinetic chain.

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