In this episode of Healthy Wealthy & Smart, I am joined by Dr. Crystal Frazee, PT, NBCHWC, CIAYT, to discuss burnout, closing the gender gap, and her transition from being a physical therapist to a wellness coach. Dr. Frazee talks about her background in alternative healing, becoming a physical therapist, and how she transitioned to coaching. This discussion will be relevant to physical therapists and other healthcare professionals who may be experiencing burnout or considering a career change.

Show notes: 

[00:00:43] Transitioning to full-time coaching.

[00:06:19] The Perfection Paradox.

[00:08:00] Women and work-life integration.

[00:12:20] Capacity Cascade.

[00:15:08] Regulating your nervous system.

[00:19:02] Body Wisdom and Emotions

[00:22:27] Setting Boundaries in Work.

[00:26:51] The likability trap.

[00:30:21] Setting boundaries for success.

[00:33:50] Body wisdom and self-care.

[00:37:39] Burnout among women.

[00:42:12] Self-worth and body literacy.

 More About Dr. Frazee:

headshot of dr crystal frazee Dr. Crystal Frazee, is a PT and women’s integrative health coach turned Executive Leadership Mentor & Burnout Recovery Coach for professional women. She’s the creator of the Somatic Attunement MethodTM and Attuned LeadershipTM help women reach their career potential sustainably and flourish personally. She’s on a mission to teach ambitious, working women that they can have success, sustainability, and satisfaction simultaneously with her proven strategy.

As the author of the upcoming book REVIVE: The Working Woman’s Unexpected Guide to Recovering from Burnout, Dr. Frazee’s insights on Attuned Leadership will revolutionize how you navigate work-life demands, pursue your goals, and think about stress resilience. Tune in to the show to learn practical tips, and check out her website for more valuable resources.

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