In this episode, I am joined by Chad Price to discuss his journey from college to entrepreneurship. After trying out different jobs, he realized that starting his own business was the right path for him. Along with two friends, he founded Kettlebell Kings, a niche brand specializing in kettlebells. The company aimed to be a one-stop-shop for kettlebell enthusiasts, offering a wide range of products and creating a hub for kettlebell-related content. Chad also discusses their unexpected decision to sell the company.

Show notes: 

00:01:34 Entrepreneurship journey and niche business.

00:06:42 Building a community is essential.

00:14:39 Tools for entrepreneurial success: Google.

00:14:57 Digital tools and AI revolutionize small businesses.

00:21:23 AI can help improve communication.

00:25:42 Importance of adapting communication style.

00:31:11 Entrepreneurship requires continuous growth.

00:35:05 Hard to build community online.

00:40:43 Relax and absorb life’s lessons.

More About Chad:

headshot of Chad PrinceChad is a seasoned serial entrepreneur with an impressive track record spanning over a decade. He founded Kettlebell Kings from scratch and orchestrated a remarkable 3 year multi-million dollar acquisition back in November of 2021. Today, it stands tall as a thriving international company, making waves in the esteemed Inc. 5000.

In 2019, Chad pivoted into another passion of his, natural lifestyle products. His new company, Life Grows Green, is uprooting negative stereotypes about hemp and creating new products by only using the elements found in nature. With his background as a student athlete, Chad’s passion for sports permeates every aspect of his work.

Chad’s approach to business is the same as his approach to sports. Athletic competition is good, but outside the sports arena, competition takes new heights. His latest project is an upcoming book titled “Preparing for Battle”.

Chad discusses a wide range of topics, from developing a winning mindset to creating a solid business plan, building a strong team, and navigating the challenges of scaling a modern-day business. “Preparing for Battle” is targeted at aspiring entrepreneurs and minority-owned business leaders who are looking for actionable advice and insights that they can apply in their own lives and businesses.

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