On this episode of the Healthy Wealthy and Smart Podcast, Jenna Kantor, DPT guest hosts and interviews Felicia Wenah on networking as a physical therapy student. Felicia enjoys managing, branding and marketing for those in private practice within the health and wellness profession (especially Boss Women in Physiotherapy).

In this episode, we discuss:

-Advantages to networking as a student

-How to maintain professional relationships with a busy school schedule

-Felicia’s top conference recommendations

-And so much more!


Felicia seeks guidance from physical therapy professionals and has found that, “As you seek knowledge and you are able to apply it, whether it’s instantly or later on in the future, you feel more confident and comfortable with taking the steps you need to take in life.”


Managing school on top of new professional connections can be a juggling act but it allows you to “better decipher where [your] priorities need to be for that moment.”


Maintaining relationships doesn’t have to be forced. From Felicia’s experience, “I let them come to my mind and then I reach out to them.”


For more information on Felicia:

Felicia Wenah obtained a B.S. in Exercise Science and Fitness Management and a M.S. in Human Performance.For over 8 years, Felicia has worked in the health, wellness and rehabilitation profession. She trains individuals and groups to achieve their wellness goals, develops and manages teams to convert leads and implements best practices to improve company culture for small teams.

Felicia currently consults with Physical Therapy Private Practice owners with marketing and business development implementation to convert her clients’ leads into patients/clients.

She also mentors the youth and those interested in pursuing the field of physical therapy and wellness. One of her favorite quotes is from Virgil, “The greatest wealth is health”. She lives by this quote with a commitment to assist and motivate others to invest in their health and well-being and to ensure a proper long-term return on their self-investment.

She enjoys attending and speaking at various conferences and seminars to further add value to her professional and personal development. She values continual education and believes that it is key for the betterment of her clients, colleagues and her profession as whole.


For more information on Jenna:

Jenna Kantor (co-founder) is a bubbly and energetic girl who was born and raised in Petaluma, California. Growing up, she trained and performed ballet throughout the United States. After earning a BA in Dance and Drama at the University of California, Irvine, she worked professionally in musical theatre for 15+ years with tours, regional theatres, & overseas (www.jennakantor.com) until she found herself ready to move onto a new chapter in her life – a career in Physical Therapy. Jenna is currently in her 3rd year at Columbia University’s Physical Therapy Program. She is also a co-founder of the podcast, “Physiotherapy Performance Perspectives,” has an evidence-based monthly youtube series titled “Injury Prevention for Dancers,” is a NY SSIG Co-Founder, NYPTA Student Conclave 2017 Development Team, works with the NYPTA Greater New York Legislative Task Force and is the NYPTA Public Policy Committee Student Liaison. Jenna aspires to be a physical therapist for amateur and professional performers to help ensure long, healthy careers. To learn more, please check out her website: www.jennafkantor.wixsite.com/jkpt


Resources discussed on this show:

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Felicia Wenah Youtube

Felicia Wenah Twitter

Felicia Wenah Instagram

Smart Success PT Live

Ascend Conference

Women in PT Summit


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Have a great week and stay Healthy Wealthy and Smart!


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