LIVE from the Combined Sections Meeting in New Orleans, Louisiana, the Healthy Wealthy and Smart Podcast brings another installment of CSM After Dark Part 1 featuring the following diversity panelists:

 Dr. Rupal Patel, PT, DPT twitter

  • “When you’re an immigrant kid it’s about not just the education but what is the value of that education in terms of jobs and economy.”
  • “You have to own face diversity.”
  • “The biggest guidance which is very silent is my parents.”


Dr. Monique Caruth, PT, DPT twitter

  • “I was greeted by a sign that says, ‘All aliens follow this line. All residents follow that line.’   Alien? Am I an alien? That was my first encounter with being different or being labeled as something different.”
  • “I get asked all the time by my patients, ‘Wow you speak English so well, what’s your first language?’ and I am like, English.”
  • “I had to learn to modify my accent. I still have one but it’s not as pronounced because in school a lot of people couldn’t understand when I spoke.”
  • “The first time I met with the Director of Rehab at that program she stopped and said while we were talking, ‘Wow, you’re more articulate then what I expected.’”
  • “I battled with who to sit and eat lunch with every lunch time.”
  • “We try to be as passive aggressive as possible.”
  • “In order for our profession to grow, people have to be aware that their not dealing with colleagues who are like them, who believe the same things that they believe. They are also not going to be treating patients who believe the same thing that they believe or live the same life that they live.”
  • “As a profession we don’t do any justice in supporting people who are not like us.”
  • “A lot of things do not apply to African American patients that we try to encourage people to do.”


Dr. Uchenna Ossai, PT, DPT twitter

  • “I was in a sea of white faces.”
  • “I am used to being in white spaces. I am used to accommodating.”
  • “The process of going through PT school where you’re the only one and then you have professors who do the oppression through denial, ‘Oh, I treat everyone the same. I don’t see color. Vagina, penis, no different.’ Trust me it’s not the same.”
  • “If someone just got kicked out of their house because they’re transgender and live in a state that won’t protect them that pain isn’t going to go away. Evidence based medicine isn’t going to help that.”
  • “It was so hard to finish that process when I felt that I had no one.”
  • “There is a disease that we have called complicit.”
  • “Me disagreeing with you is not anger.”


Sherry Teague, CFO, PTA twitter

  • “Going to the restroom can be quite the special treat.”
  • “I’ve been fired for who I am.”
  • “You knew you were being looked over because you’re different.”
  • “The patients that you meet that are LGBTQ they are at risk by simple being who they are.”
  • “Those of you that are straight, just always assume that you don’t know. Ask the questions in a very non-binary way.”
  • “You could make a difference as a healthcare provider.”


Dr. Lisa VanHoose, PT, PhD twitter

  • “As a minority, sometimes you have to massage your message a little bit because people can be sensitive.”
  • “Those adjectives that you just gave me about slavery that’s how I feel about PT at times.”
  • “I think holistic admission is going to be our saving grace.”
  • “We are using the term inclusion as a way to put a Band-Aid on it.”
  • “Sometimes we forget the stories.”
  • “Ask questions.”


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