Thank you for listening to the Healthy Wealthy and Smart Podcast! In this episode I welcome Dr. Suzanne Shugg. Her mission is to change healthcare for the better by using insurance solutions, telemedicine and preventive care. Sounds familiar right? These are themes that come up regularly on social media and in discussions with fellow PTs and healthcare practitioners.

In this episode we discuss:

– How Endeavor Plus is shaking up the insurance market

– Why and how insurance companies function

– The steps telemedicine is taking to change the healthcare market

– What it is like to be the only woman in the C-Suite

– and much more!


The current healthcare landscape does not adequately support its two primary constituents, the practitioner and the patient. Suzanne believes, “Healthcare is obviously broken.”


Traditional healthcare insurers focus on reactionary risk mitigation with little investment in their participants. Insurance alternatives aim to take a more proactive approach to risk management. Suzanne notes, “Prevention costs money… It costs a little bit more money up front but it saves you much more money. It’s almost a 3:1 ratio. You save $3 for every $1 of wellness you put into it.”


Emerging healthcare alternatives are focused on the well-being of the end consumer. She stresses, “Let’s do the best thing for healthcare, let’s not just do the best thing for the bottom line.”


More about Dr. Shugg:

Dr. Suzanne Shugg’s mission is to change health care for the better by using insurance solutions, telemedicine and preventive care.   She currently runs a preventive Cardiology clinical treating metabolic and lipid disorders at NJ Cardiology Associates while teaching full time as a professor in the School of nursing at Rutgers, University. She also is the Co founder of Teleplus HealthCare, a telemedicine company that works to improve care and medical outcomes in cardiovascular and chronic care. Finally, she is the director of wellness at a new insurance and technology solution, Endeavor Plus. This solution has been designed to improve the health care choices and management for both the patients and providers while helping small businesses and hospitals save money.

Dr. Suzanne Shugg received her Doctor of Nursing Practice at what is now Rutgers in 2010. She has specialized in Preventive Cardiology and clinical lipidology. Prior to that she has practiced in general cardiology and in primary care as a nurse practitioner.

She has been published in the Journal of Clinical Lipidology “Low-density lipoprotein particle number predicts coronary artery calcification in asymptomatic adults at intermediate risk of cardiovascular disease”. She has published in the Federal Nurse Practitioner for, “Health Information Technology Presents New Opportunities for Advanced Practice Nurses”. Finally she has recently published in the NP Women’s Health Care Journal for, Pregnancy’s effects on cardiovascular health: A woman’s first “cardiac stress test”. She has also written medical guidelines for Prevention of Cardiovascular disease and Cardiac Rehab. She has also written a guideline for professional’s treatment of LPa.

In 2010 she became a Clinical Lipid Specialist accredited by the National Lipid Association and shortly thereafter was nominated as a fellow. She has given various lectures on Women’s Cardiac Health, Prevention of Cardiovascular Diseases, Nutrition and Supplements, as well as advanced lipid testing.  In addition, she was a consultant to set up a Preventive Cardiovascular Clinic at Oklahoma Heart

She sits on various editorial and preventive medicine boards and in   her spare time she has done medical missions. When Suzanne is not working she enjoys being outside; running, kayaking, biking, scuba diving and hiking with her two dogs, Dudley and Maggie.


Resources we spoke about in this episode:


Teleplus HealthCare


Call/text: (908) 487-7145


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