Thanks for tuning in to the Healthy Wealthy and Smart Podcast! Coming to you from Chicago, Drs. Sarah Haag, Sandy Hilton, and Jason Falvey join me for Part 2 on our discussion all about sex! You can check out Part 1 from CSM in Anaheim, California here in case you missed out!

In this episode, we discuss:

-Broaching the subject of sex with your patients

-Recalibrating sex after surgery and childbirth

-Rising rates of sexually transmitted diseases in the older adult population

-How a bladder diary can help those with persistent UTI

-And much, much more!


Sex has multiple health benefits outside what is commonly perceived and can be utilized as exercise. “There is so much that sex is good for cardiovascularly, musculoskeletally. It’s just awesome for so many reasons mentally. When we talk about population health and things that keep people moving and happy—that’s a good one.”


Sex is an important activity of daily living and can be a tool for clinicians to implement into their home exercise program. “Pleasurable movement is one of the things that help you get back to normal movement. So if you can make this make sense and feel good, it’s probably going to be one of the first and well motivated things you’re going to do in an exercise program.”


After patients have undergone surgery, surgical restrictions are not you’re only guiding tool for sex. “Always let pain be your guide, if it hurts, don’t do it. Sex is never supposed to hurt—it’s supposed to be amazing.”


We tend to forget about the vital functions our pelvic organs perform every day. “Peeing and pooping and sex, they are all very basic bodily functions and we can start to forget about it. If I ask any of you how often you peed today, you would have to think really hard and I betcha 10 bucks you’d be wrong with whatever you guessed. You can go pee mindlessly.”


For more on our panel:

mCpqBJt2Bm-QL0K3O3Li3YmqA6xb49VbhBkt7mYTX7TAPe6hhRejjEzqKRzegHBAc6QY3E-H2VkgiUbdLf9IjFPlkQU=s190Sandy Hilton PT, DPT, MS: Sandy graduated from Pacific University (Oregon) in 1988 with a Master of Science in Physical Therapy and a Doctor of Physical Therapy degree from Des Moines University in December 2013. She has worked in multiple settings across the US with neurologic and orthopaedic emphasis combining these with a focus in pelvic rehabilitation for pain and dysfunction since 1995. Sandy has teaches Health Professionals and Community Education classes on returning to function following back and pelvic pain, assisted with Myofascial Release education, and co-teaches Advanced Level Male Pelvic Floor Evaluation and Treatment. Sandy’s clinical interest is chronic pain with a particular interest in complex pelvic pain disorders for men and women. Sandy is also pursuing opportunities for collaboration in research into the clinical treatment of pelvic pain conditions. Sandy brings science and common sense together beautifully to help people learn to help themselves.


SarahHaagSarah Haag PT, DPT, MS, WCS Cert. MDT, RYT: Sarah graduated from Marquette University in 2002 with a Master’s of Physical Therapy. Sarah has pursued an interest in treating the spine, pelvis with a specialization in women’s and men’s health. Over the past 8 years, Sarah has seized every opportunity available to her in order to further her understanding of the human body, and the various ways it can seem to fall apart in order to sympathetically and efficiently facilitate a return to optimal function. Sarah was awarded the Certificate of Achievement in Pelvic Physical Therapy (CAPP) from the Section on Women’s Health. She went on to get her Doctorate of Physical Therapy and Masters of Science in Women’s Health from Rosalind Franklin University in 2008. In 2009 she was awarded a Board Certification as a specialist in women’s health (WCS). Sarah also completed a Certification in Mechanical Diagnosis Therapy from the Mckenzie Institute in 2010. Most recently, Sarah completed a 200 hour Yoga Instructor Training Program, and is now a Registered Yoga Instructor. Sarah plans to integrate yoga into her rehabilitation programs, as well as teach small, personalized classes. Sarah looks at education, and a better understanding of the latest evidence in the field of physical therapy, as the best way to help people learn about their conditions, and to help people learn to take care of themselves throughout the life span.


JasonJason Falvey PT, DPT, GCS: PhD Student Jason Falvey was awarded a Kendall Scholarship from the Foundation for Physical Therapy in 2014 and a Fellowship for Geriatric Research through the Academy of Geriatric Physical Therapy in 2015 to support his research examining the role of home physical therapy in enhancing function and reducing re-hospitalizations for medically complex older adults. He is also the primary investigator on a research grant from the American Physical Therapy Association, Section of Health Policy and Administration looking at the role of physical therapists in models of transitional care for older adults after acute hospitalization.


Resources discussed in this show:

Oswestry Disability Index

Finding a pelvic health PT

Holly Herman

STDs and the elderly:

Huffington Post

Psychology Today

NY Times

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