On this week’s episode of the Healthy Wealthy and Smart Podcast, Chad Prince joins me to discuss his book Physical Therapy Career & Salary Guide: Avoid the Income Ceiling and Put Your Career in the FASTLANE and strategies to add side income to your physical therapy practice. After working as a physical therapist for ten years, Chad transitioned into full-time administration seven years ago. Today, he manages an orthopaedic surgery practice. In his writing, he combines his years of professional business experience, his understanding of the healthcare world at large, and his personal journey developing a physical therapy product, the UELadder.


In this episode, we chat about:

-Chad’s experiences with overcoming self-doubt and self-imposed limitations

-Unique PT opportunities to generate income without trading your time for money

-How to expand your audience globally and 10x the impact you can make

-How to get in the fastlane of healthcare innovation

-And much, much more!


As budding entrepreneurs, sometimes it is our mindset that is limiting us from achieving greatness. Chad suggests exploring these questions, “What do you want to give? What kind of impact do you want to have on the world? Who do you have to become to give that to the world? And you have to go ahead and believe that you are capable of that before you can become it.”


Chad addresses the limitations of the service model and the upside of taking an alternative view, “As long as we trade time for money we are limited by our amount of time…You might be able to work more but there is no way to 10x your work hours—it’s just not possible. But with online tools and with other types of businesses still inside physical therapy, it is possible to 10x your impact.”


As technology evolves in our profession, Chad stresses, “We’ve got to look ahead at changes that are coming and embrace those in a way that’s positive and healthy for the profession and our patients. That’s ultimately going to be the sweet spot for us all.”


We wrap up the interview with some lessons from the memory of a legendary figure, Muhammad Ali, “He said I’m the greatest and said it over and over and over until he became the greatest… If we can have a full and complete understanding of our what, why, and how, we can say I’m the greatest at whatever it is we want to accomplish and we can go do it.”


You can find more from Chad on twitter and can follow his blog here! Get a copy of the book and check out Chad’s UELadder!


Resources discussed in this show:

The 4-Hour Workweek

The World is Flat

Millionaire Fastlane

Miracle Morning

Aaron LeBauer

Jarod Carter

Chad Madden

Mike Reinold

Jeff Walker

Michael Hyatt

Perry Marshall

Russell Brunson

Pat Flynn

David Ralph

MJ DeMarco


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Have a great week and stay Healthy Wealthy and Smart!


Xo Karen


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