Michol Dalcourt

On this week’s episode of the Healthy Wealthy and Smart podcast, Michol Dalcourt joins me to discuss how to integrate health and wellness principles to achieve individual performance outcomes. Michol is an industry leading expert in human movement, the inventor of the fitness tool “ViPR” and founder of the Institute of Motion.

In this episode, we discuss:

-The Institute of Motion’s principles and intervention strategies

-Why sympathetic workouts must be offset with parasympathetic workouts for longevity

-How to effectively communicate dosage, timing, and exposure for exercise programs for clients

-Has the health and wellness industry exhausted the word “functional”?

-The 4 Q training model

-And so much more!

Michol addresses the multifaceted aspects of longevity including the physical, mental, and social considerations from the cellular level to the systems level. If you are interested in the health and performance strategies discussed, visit the Institute of Motion.

If you want to discover the beauty and intricacies of the human body and apply your knowledge of anatomy to learn how to prepare tissues for performance, you can immerse yourself in the Anatomy Live Expanded course. You can sign up here for the course on June 10-12, 2016 in Boulder, Colorado!

More about Michol Dalcourt:

Screen Shot 2016-05-14 at 11.09.06 AM Michol Dalcourt is an internationally recognized, industry leading expert in human movement and performance. He is the founder and Director of the Institute of Motion, inventor of the fitness tool “ViPR” and co-founder of PTA Global. As an international lecturer and educator, Michol has authored numerous articles on human design and function, developed a series of performance videos and created and athletic model for high performance training (the RMA model).


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Xo Karen

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