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In today’s episode, I had a very candid conversation with Erin Jackson, who was a member on the patient panel at CSM. She bravely and openly discusses her personal challenges with persistent pain as well as her experiences navigating the healthcare system and being her own best advocate.

In this episode, we touch on:

-What led up to Erin’s years of persistent pain

-The challenges of living with persistent pain and how to deal with other people’s perceptions of your journey

– Her advice for people who have persistent pain and her experiences with the path to recovery

– What clinicians can do to better treat patients with persistent pain

– and much more!

I greatly appreciate Erin taking the time to come on the podcast and share her journey so that we can have a better understanding of those who are experiencing persistent pain. Hearing direct perspectives from patients allows clinicians to understand what they value, what their goals are, and how we can better treat and support them on their journey.

My hope is that this podcast can help people who have persistent pain know that there is hope for recovery. Although the journey is not likely to be quick or easy, the transition to being whole and functional again is rewarding.


You can find Erin on twitter and linkedin and if you want to learn more about her practice you can check out her website here!


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