If you are a physical therapist and you have not heard of the Graham Sessions…don’t worry you are not alone!  The first time I heard about this meeting was last year and even then I had no idea what it was all about.  So this year I was able to register for the event which took place at the beautiful Biltmore Resort in Phoenix, AZ in January.  Because most PTs have no idea what the Graham Sessions are or they heard about the Graham Sessions on social media and are feeling left out, this podcast with one of the founders of the Graham Sessions, Steve Anderson, PT, DPT will hopefully answer all of the questions you might have about this meeting.

In this episode we talk about:

* What are the Graham Sessions?

* How did the Graham Sessions come about? (It involves a late night at a bar)

* What were the topics covered in this year’s Graham Sessions.

* What were Steve’s thoughts about the meeting this year.

* What are Steve’s thoughts on the future of the Graham Sessions.

I want to thank Steve Anderson, PT, DPT for being on the podcast and for being so generous with his thoughts on this conference and the future of the Graham Sessions.

As always thank you for tuning in and subscribing to the podcast! Have a great week and stay Healthy Wealthy & Smart!



Do you want to find out more about Steve?

Therapeutic Associates

Twitter: @SteveAndersonPT

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