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This episode was literally recorded while Lenny Macrina and I were having lunch a the Titleist Performance Institute’s Level 1 certification course in Rhode Island.  This was Lenny’s first podcast, although you would think he has done this his whole life. We had a great conversation and it was super fun!

In this episode we talk about:

* The TPI Level 1 Certification

* Lenny’s approach to evaluating and treating and shoulder injury.

* What might be missing the CrossFit athlete’s shoulder complex that may lead to injury.

* What is the Red Zone and Green Zone and how does it relate to your patient’s injury.

* How to get a patient (specifically a CrossFit athlete) to buy in to your treatment plan.

* How to sell as a physical therapist.

* How Lenny harnesses the positive to continue to empower and motivate his clients.

* and much more!

A huge thanks to Lenny for this great conversation and to you for subscribing and listening to the podcast!

For more information on Lenny and Champion Physical Therapy & Performance click here.

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