Happy Thanksgiving to all of the listeners in the United States!  I was lucky enough to spend my holiday with family and friends.  As a result I have a special guest co-host for the intro to this podcast!

In this week’s Thursday Quickie (I know it is Friday but I have to take Thanksgiving off) I am happy to continue my conversation with Rom JB about writing effective copy that sells. In this episode we talk about:

* As physical therapists who are our biggest competitors?

* Rom gives a specific example of writing great copy.

* What should be on the home page of your website.

* Why your “About me/us” page is so important and what should be on it!

* And much more!

Again for more information and to get in touch with Rom go to:




As always thank you for listening and have a great weekend! Stay Healthy Wealthy & Smart!



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©2019 Karen Litzy Physical Therapy PLLC.