Let’s face it, writing good copy is not easy. This is something I struggle with and I am sure many of you struggle with as well.  As a result I set out to find a guest to help clear up this whole copy writing thing.  I was thrilled to interview Rom JB. Rom JB is a special educator, entrepreneur, copywriter and small business mentor based in New York City. In 2010, Rom founded RJB Educational Services, Inc., an in-home tutoring business. He has been able to grow his business by focusing on creating systems that decrease cost while increasing revenues and profits. Rom is also a copywriter that works with entrepreneurs and small businesses to better market and sell to their ideal clients.

In this episode we talk about:

* The formula of how to write effective copy that sells.

* Copy that presents you as an authority in your field.

* Why should physical therapists and other health care professions know and understand the power of effective copy.

* How can physical therapists and other healthcare professionals tap into the language of their ideal client.

* And so much more!

Like I say in the intro get out your pen and paper be prepared to take notes….lots of notes!  Rom’s insights into the copy that PTs need and should be using is amazing!

To find out more about Rom and get in touch him go to:




As always thank you for listening and stay Healthy Wealthy & Smart!


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