On this week’s episode, Dina Behrman joins me to share strategies for healthcare professionals on how to utilize publicity and public relations. Dina is a journalist-turned-publicity coach who is passionate about empowering business owners to get the best kind of publicity for their business to raise their profile, position themselves as an expert, build their brand, find new opportunities, reach new audiences, put their prices up and help more people.

In this episode, we discuss:

-Why you should start calling yourself an expert

-How introverts can break personal barriers and promote their brand

-How to pitch to the media and gain your brand access and coverage

-Dina’s top tips for attracting more publicity

-And much, much more!


The media often selects authority figures who are “experts” on a topic or field. As a healthcare professional, you have expertise and must learn to communicate and represent yourself as an expert. Dina suggests, “The main thing is to start seeing yourself as an expert, because especially if you’re a health entrepreneur and you’ve got that expertise in a particular area then you want to be pitching yourself to the press as an expert and as someone who can talk knowledgably about a subject. A lot of people have an issue calling themselves an expert and it’s almost like they need someone to come along and say, ‘Yes, you’re an expert’ as opposed to feeling very confident about saying you know what I really know my stuff.”


Sometimes introverts can be preoccupied with their own discomfort to pitch to a journalist. Dina suggests instead focusing on the huge benefits your expertise can provide to so many people. Dina recommends, “Having a bit of a mindset shift and thinking about it from the point of view of coming from a place of service and thinking whatever it is that you’re sharing, if it’s your knowledge and your expertise that’s going to be helping other people… The people that read that, it’s going to have a huge impact on them it’s going to really help them and the reason for getting that PR and publicity is that you can reach so many more people than you would be able to reach normally. So there is the potential for you to be helping so many more people and you’re doing something really good in the world by getting publicity and sharing your knowledge and your expertise and your experiences.”


Starting your publicity journey doesn’t have to be complicated. Often the very basics of your education are immensely valuable to the public and can start the conversation. “You only need to be a couple of steps ahead of the people you are talking to to be of help to them… Journalists can’t possibly know all of the ins and outs of your industry the way that you do and so you’re going to know more than they do and you’re going to be useful to them… They don’t have those years of training and everything that you have. There is so much value you can give even if it seems like it’s the basic level.”


For more information about Dina:

Journalist-turned publicity coach Dina Behrman is a PR and publicity expert who works with female entrepreneurs who are struggling to take their business to the next level. She helps them get their business seen and heard in the media so they can share their story and help more people, whilst gaining more followers, raising their prices and making more sales. She has featured as a PR expert in The Guardian, BBC Radio, Huffington Post, Raspberry Magazine, BussinesZone, YFS, Prowess, Women Unlimited, Business Rocks Magazine, amongst others.  Click here to download her media kit.

To get in touch, email her on dina@dinabehrman.com or click here to fill out a contact form.

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