Top 10 of 2015


2015 has been a great year for the Healthy Wealthy & Smart podcast!  I redesigned the website, had some pretty amazing guests, have been downloaded in 80 countries, and had close to 90,000 downloads this year!  A huge thank you goes out to everyone for downloading the podcast and listening to the episodes.  I appreciate all of the support more than I can put into words….all I can say is THANK YOU!!!

Please enjoy the top 10 podcasts of 2015 (in no particular order)!

170: Trial By Fire: a Movie About CRPS w/ Charles Mattocks

176: Living Well w/ Chronic Pain w/ Dr. Bronnie Thompson

156: Alison Sim: Engaging Practitioners to Adopt the Biopsychosocial Model

153: Dr. Wim Dankaerts & Cognitive Functional Therapy

161: Physical Therapy as a “Lifestyle Brand” vs a “Rehab Brand” w/ Mike Eisenhart, PT

165: Pain, Psychology and Physical Therapy w/ Dr. Eric Kruger

169: The Roadmap to a Cash PT Practice w/ Paul Potter, PT

166: How to Navigate Student Loan Debt & Investing w/ Bridget Casey, MBA

155: Dr. Louie Puentedura: Treating the Low Back Via the Brain

157: Dr. Sandy Hilton Talks Sex and Pelvic Health

And coming very close with less than 20 downloads from number 10 is:

154: Dr. Adriaan Louw, CRPS and ISPI Conference


I have learned so much from all of my guests and I view this podcast as being one of the greatest educations of my life.  I am so looking forward to what 2016 brings as I know it will be filled with more great conversations, stellar guests and fun collaborations!  I wish you all the happiest and healthiest new year!

Stay Healthy Wealthy & Smart!



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