On this episode of the Healthy Wealthy and Smart Podcast, I welcome Jeanette Bronée on the show to discuss mindfulness.  Jeanette helps leaders and companies rethink performance by asking the “Right Why®.” She teaches them how to create a culture of care by unlocking what truly drives performance, engagement and motivation from the inside out. For 15 years, she has coached clients and delivered speeches about how physical health and emotional-mental wellbeing affect performance and prevent stress and burnout. She shows how focusing on how our mindset affects our self-care habits at work and at home and believes, that when we leave our humanity at the door when we go to work, we leave behind our most valuable resource for success. She incorporates her background in integrative nutrition, mindfulness and hypnotherapy to help people work better by working healthy.

In this episode, we discuss:

-How to ask the right why to find a way forward

-Practical exercises to ground yourself in stressful situations

-The use of metaphors to describe experiences

-How mindfulness can facilitate change

-And so much more!


“If we can refocus our question, then our unconscious mind will help us find the answer.”


“We find solutions by acknowledging what’s not working and then moving into curiosity.”


“If we don’t pause for a moment, we can’t even listen.”


“We’re not running out of time, we’re running out of focus.”


“We don’t solve problems in a new way under stress, we just repeat what we’ve always done.”


“Our self-talk really creates our experience.”


For more information on Jeanette:

When Jeanette Bronée’s parents both died of cancer just one year apart, she was told it wasn’t a matter of if, but when she would get cancer, too. So she took charge of her health and wellbeing, sharing what she learned about the power of mindfulness by founding Path for Life in 2004. Since then, she has taught more than half a million people how to ask the “Right Why” to unlock the answers that prevent burnout, fuel peak performance and create a culture of care.

Now, she helps leaders and companies rethink performance and culture to create sustainable success by supporting our most important resource — our human resource. She has delivered TEDx talks, as well as keynote speeches and workshops at corporate events and workshops around the world.

Her book, EAT TO FEEL FULL, a guide for eating to thrive, gained nationwide recognition in the news media as a new approach to health and eating that helps us break with our dieting mentality and focus on eating to fuel our performance.

She holds a business, marketing and communications degree and is a certified Integrative Functional Nutrition and Meta-Medicine Health Coach. As a Hypno-Therapist, she uses the power of the mind to create change (but don’t worry she doesn’t do tricks). She is also a Certified Felt Sense Focusing Professional, which she has found to be the key to learning what drives our choices and how we can take charge of our wellbeing.


Resources discussed on this show:

Path for Life Website

Jeanette Bronée Website

Jeanette Bronée LinkedIn

Jeanette Bronée Twitter

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