LIVE from the New York Student Special Interest Group Conference, I welcome Dr. Chanelle Yoder , DPT on this episode to chat about story telling. Chanelle is a Doctor of Physical Therapy, specializing in manual therapy and functional medicine, and an esteemed storyteller + author in progress. She is a cash-based concierge practice PT business owner, proudly servicing individuals in Southern Indiana.

In this episode, we discuss:

-How a clinician can build trust through vulnerability

-How to incorporate story telling into your practice

-When you should introduce industry knowledge into your patient’s care

-Chanelle’s self-care tips to ensure you show up at every patient visit

-And so much more!


“The more humanistic you can appear to someone else, the more humanistic you can make them feel about you.”


“When you’re really trying to transform someone’s life from a health perspective, it becomes very important to reach them at a very deep level that’s very impossible to find strictly from a clinical perspective.”


“It’s all about finding the feeling you have in common.”


“So many people just want to be heard and they want to know that you truly respect where they are coming from versus just pushing your agenda.


“We are not going to jive with everybody.”


For more information on Chanelle:

Dr. Yoder graduated from the University of Indianapolis with a Bachelors of Science in Human Biology and minor in Psychology in 2007. She applied to DPT school 15 times before temporarily accepting defeat, consequently accepting enrollment for PTA school at the University of Indianapolis, thus graduating with her Associate of Science in Physical Therapy Assistance in 2009.  Chanelle reapplied to DPT school yet again, only this time to the flex DPT program at the University of St.Augustine, FL. Dr. Yoder was finally offered admission, and successfully endured 4 years of bi-weekly cross-country commutes to earn her DPT in August 2014.

Dr. Yoder has utilized her extensive experience within each setting of physical therapy, including acute and post-operative orthopaedics, acute-TBI-CVA, sub-acute rehab, home health care, outpatient manual orthopaedics, acute cardiopulmonary care, and skilled nursing care, to fuel her approach to relationship-centered concierge-based integrative physical therapy.

The many ups and downs of her journey, in addition to the accompanying wisdom earned, have been remarkably documented through her personal storytelling within the online media marketplace, successfully fueling her organic business marketing, patient-centered outcomes, and adjacent career fulfillment. Her proven theory to success in the art of relationship building via organic storytelling is the primary inspiration to her digital course, The Enchantment Method©️, an academy transforming clinicians into story-rich, content dominating, relationship-obsessed masterminds.


Resources discussed on this show:

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