On this episode of the Healthy Wealthy and Smart Podcast, I welcome Joel Erway onto the show to discuss how to position yourself as an expert. Joel helps coaches, experts, and consultants increase revenue through simple online sales webinars by showing them how to charge what they’re actually worth. #WorthIt

In this episode, we discuss:

-The mindset of an expert

-Why you should lead with an offer to solve your audiences’ pain or pleasure point

-How to generate noise for a new launch

-The importance of authority positioning

-And so much more!


To be an expert you have to change your mindset to reflect that you have something of value to offer. Joel reassures, “We are all experts in something.”


Being an expert does not mean you have to know more than everyone on a topic. Joel has found that, “Expertise is relative,” and, “You really just have to be one step ahead of whoever your ideal customer is.”


Content producers build a consistent audience over time where ultimately, “There’s so much pent up demand if you have any sort of good will with your audience.”


There is untapped potential for revenue generation within your audience and Joel stresses, “Make the damn offer.”


For more information on Joel:


Joel Erway is an online marketing consultant, founder of The Webinar Agency and host of the Sold With Webinars and Experts Unleashed podcasts. Since 2014, he’s helped coaches, consultants and experts monetize their passion with high-converting sales messages and sales webinars. With over 200 webinars under his belt, he’s generated 7 and 8-figure growth for multiple clients within the past two years alone. It’s no wonder why he’s the go-to consultant for many of the top performing digital marketing sales and lead generation webinars. Joel enjoys traveling, golfing, reading, personal development and spending quality time with his family where they reside in upstate New York.


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