On this episode of the Healthy Wealthy and Smart Podcast, Jenna Kantor, DPT guest hosts and interviews Alex Engar and Will Boyd on creating a partnership online. Healthy Funnel is a healthcare digital marketing company created by Dr. Will Boyd and Dr. Alex Engar – Two physical therapists who are insanely passionate about helping other PTs grow their dream business without tech overwhelm!


In this episode, we discuss:

-How Alex and Will began their partnership through online media

-Digital marketing in healthcare

-Why your partnership should have a shared vision

-Alex and Will’s first in person meet up

-And so much more!


While communicating across social media, Alex and Will stumbled into an amazing partnership with one another. Alex and Will believe, “If we teach each other and kind of team up, maybe something good could come out of it.”


Take advantage of social media and the connections that are possible as Alex and Will remind that, “Communication happens so easily online now, if you let it.”


Starting a partnership is almost like being in a work marriage as Alex and Will recommend, “Find someone who shares your ultimate end goals.”


For more information on Alex:

As a Doctor of Physical Therapy, I’m an enthusiastic human movement expert with a passionate focus on fighting sedentarism. You didn’t know sedentarism was a thing? That’s a shame, because it’s probably killing you…

I’m a fiercely energetic believer in our own power to create the life we want. I’m always learning and never afraid to back down from a good challenge. I know that you can’t reach your potential without pushing your limits. With an unyielding disposition to work hard until the job’s done, I’m comfortable setting and accomplishing goals that drive progress towards both personal and organizational change. I believe in thorough planning with a dash of early morning inspiration to get things done in the best way.

I’ve been a leader in pushing forward multiple endeavors, crossing a wide variety of disciplines. From leading the charge towards interprofessional diabetes management to exploding hydrogen balloons in front of hundreds of happily screaming kids, my skill-set easily adapts to present needs.

In short, I’m an optimistic, personable, trustworthy guy emboldening those around me to positively challenge their perception of what they can accomplish. I make amazing things happen, while having a blast the entire time.

For more information on Will:

My path into the health world has been a rather unorthodox one. Once an English teacher working abroad, I took the LSAT expecting to go to Law School before having a revelation: I couldn’t sit all day. My next move was to head back to school and try to get into Physical Therapy School. I’ve been a lifelong competitive soccer player and advocate for maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Some of my current interests include treating patients with chronic pain, self-development research, and learning the cash-based practice principles that are out there.


For more information on Jenna:

Jenna Kantor (co-founder) is a bubbly and energetic girl who was born and raised in Petaluma, California. Growing up, she trained and performed ballet throughout the United States. After earning a BA in Dance and Drama at the University of California, Irvine, she worked professionally in musical theatre for 15+ years with tours, regional theatres, & overseas (www.jennakantor.com) until she found herself ready to move onto a new chapter in her life – a career in Physical Therapy. Jenna is currently in her 3rd year at Columbia University’s Physical Therapy Program. She is also a co-founder of the podcast, “Physiotherapy Performance Perspectives,” has an evidence-based monthly youtube series titled “Injury Prevention for Dancers,” is a NY SSIG Co-Founder, NYPTA Student Conclave 2017 Development Team, works with the NYPTA Greater New York Legislative Task Force and is the NYPTA Public Policy Committee Student Liaison. Jenna aspires to be a physical therapist for amateur and professional performers to help ensure long, healthy careers. To learn more, please check out her website: www.jennafkantor.wixsite.com/jkpt


Resources discussed on this show:

Healthy Funnel Website

Will Boyd Website

Email: will@willboydpt.com

Email: Alexjengar@gmail.com

Healthcare Digital Marketing Group

Will Boyd Twitter

Alex Engar Twitter

Will Boyd Facebook

Ads For PTs Facebook

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Xo Karen



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