On this episode of the Healthy Wealthy and Smart Podcast, Marissa Fayer joins me to discuss female entrepreneurship and HERHealthEQ. Marissa Fayer is an 18-year medtech executive, entrepreneur, and philanthropist whose mission is to advance growth and prosperity for organizations and the communities in which they operate. Marissa is the President of Fayer Consulting LLC, the CEO of the non-profit HERHealthEQ, a partner at LLEX Partners, the COO of Olympian Capital, and a business owner with Arbonne International. Her expertise and vision connect organizational optimization and development with responsibility to bring about a more giving global community with health and opportunity.

In this episode, we discuss:

-How Marissa stepped into the world of consultancy and philanthropy

-Broadening the definition of wealth to encompass more than just material goods

-HERHealthEQ: Bringing medical equipment to females in need all over the world

-The not-so-glamorous but important side of running a non-profit

-And so much more!


  • Before branching into new entrepreneurial pursuits, Marissa recommends, “Don’t take the leap without a net.”


  • Often our own industry offers the best opportunities for new ventures, we just need to look at what needs are not being adequately met. From Marissa’s experience in the medical equipment industry, “I saw that there was waste in the industry and I was trying to figure out what to do with that.”


  • Although non-profits may think of themselves as solely pursuing altruistic aim, all non-profits require fundraising. Marissa stresses, “Non-profits are businesses and the best ones actually operate as businesses… Non-profits do need money.”


For more information on Marissa:

Marissa is an accomplished Entrepreneur, Senior Executive, Consultant, and Board Member with more than 15 years of success across the medical devices, pharmaceuticals, medical technology (MedTech), healthcare, biotech, and consumer goods industries. Leveraging extensive turnaround experience, Marissa is an invaluable asset for a company that has encountered a period of stagnant or declining revenue and is seeking guidance in order to reinvigorate and improve operational processes and redevelop business strategies to realign with corporate objectives. Her areas of expertise include M&A, fundraising, offshoring, outsourcing, Kaizen and Lean manufacturing, growth, FDA, quality management, supply chain management, budgeting, Six Sigma, R&D, and CRM.

Throughout her executive career, Marissa has held leadership positions with Fayer Consulting LLC; Arbonne International LLC; Accumed; Providien Medical; and Hologic. She has been responsible for consulting with clients to transform their organizations with a focus on due diligence, pre- and post-M&A integration, operations management, production and product transfers (intra-company and internationally), strategy development, project management, program management systems, cross-cultural development, as well as business development, cost reductions, and implementing Lean practices. She has also been responsible for increasing revenue through the management of project teams for new products, as well as restructuring operational processes to reduce organizational costs.

Marissa obtained her MBA (Summa Cum Laude) with a Major in General Management and a Minor in Marketing from the University of Connecticut, and she received her BS in Manufacturing Engineering from Boston University. She completed the Comprehensive Financial Modeling and Valuation Analysis Training from the Investment Banking Institute (IBI); she attained her Green Belt/Bronze Lean Manufacturing Certification, and she is a Certified Professional Coach. In addition to her executive career, Marissa is the Founder of the global not-for-profit, HERHealthEQ, where she provides medical devices and equipment to small regions in developing nations. She also serves as a Board Member with Game Changers, Young Executive Board Chairperson with Elisa Monte Dance Company, and she serves as a mentor with Wedu Mentor. Marissa is fluent in Spanish.


Resources discussed on this show:

Marissa Fayer Website: access the free gift: Top 10 influential Philanthropists handout

Marissa Fayer Instagram

Marissa Fayer Twitter

Marissa Fayer Facebook

Marissa Fayer LinkedIn

HERHealthEQ Website

Fayer Consulting


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