On this episode of the Healthy Wealthy and Smart Podcast, Rachael Norman joins me to discuss the Better patient experience.  Better was designed for private pay patients to get their money back from insurance for out-of-network care. Our team and software ensure each claim is processed according to the terms of your patient’s health insurance policy, and that they are paid back in a timely manner.

In this episode, we discuss:

-The basics for understanding out-of-network benefits

-Best practices for Superbill creation

-How to reduce the likelihood of claim denials

-Keeping up with Modifiers, Diagnosis Codes and Conflicting Codes

-And so much more!


It is the clinician’s responsibility to provide the information needed for their patients to receive reimbursements from their insurance companies. Rachael stresses, “Superbills are important and having all the details on them really matters. It can save everyone a lot of headaches later.”


Navigating the insurance world can be challenging because, “We see different requirements come up very quickly with very little notice.”


It is important for clinicians to keep up-to-date on insurance requirements for reimbursements; otherwise, “That could mean that someone who is owed money isn’t getting it.”


For more information on Rachael:

Rachael Norman is creating simple products for healthcare, using her tech experience and health background. She studied Biochemistry and Biophysics at Stanford University. She has conducted medical research at the National Institute of Health; as a medical volunteer in Niger, West Africa; and is an author on multiple academic publications. Rachael has spent her career in operations at startups developing technology products that improve lives.

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