On this episode of the Healthy Wealthy and Smart Podcast, Dr. Jason Eure, DPT joins me to discuss intraprofessional communication. Jason is an outpatient physiotherapist based in Virginia with an interest in exploring how our innate biases are influencing our reasoning abilities and preventing constructive communication.

In this episode, we discuss:

-Human susceptibility to confirmation bias

-How online communication differs from in person communication

-Common assumptions within arguments: what is being said and what is not being said

-How argumentation will progress the physical therapy profession

-And so much more!


Humans are susceptible to confirmation bias and “We tend to gravitate towards people who think like we do.” Jason also stresses that individuals do not weigh evidence from every perspective and come to rational decisions but, “We have these intuitive beliefs of something we just want to believe and then after the fact we will come up with justifications for why that is true. We are really biased in the way that we come to our decisions.”


Before trying to reason with someone, Jason recommends first establishing rapport with the person and then framing the argument around their values. Jason begins each conversation by asking, “What information would have to be provided to have them change their mind.” Jason also cautions, “If someone is not willing to have their mind changed, there’s literally nothing you can say to have them change their mind.”


While it’s important to consider the biases of others before engaging in an argument, it’s even more critical to assess your own biases and be willing to accept counter evidence which challenges your beliefs. Jason stresses, “Group reasoning always is going to outperform the individuals. It is absolutely essential for us to move the profession forward collectively.”


For more information on Jason:
A Physical Therapist working in the outpatient setting. Aside from caring about dogs, movies, and music- I have a strong passion for my professional field. I have been compelled to write about various topics within PT to help nudge the profession forward in any small way I can. Recently, I have invested time exploring how our innate biases are influencing our reasoning abilities and preventing constructive communication.


Resources discussed on this show:

Hugo Mercier: Why Do Humans Reason? Arguments for an Argumentative Theory

Jason Eure Twitter

Jason Eure Facebook

Jason Eure LinkedIn

Jason Eure: Lost in Translation: Communication in Physiotherapy

Physiological Website


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