On this episode of the Healthy Wealthy & Smart podcast we continue with the PT Side Hustle series. This series is all about adding a side hustle to your physical therapy career.

In this episode I discuss:

– Types of side hustle (hint they don’t have to be patient care related)

– An easy technique to get clear on what your side hustle could be (get a pen and paper ready)

– Setting SMART goals and why they is important

– Making sure everyone in your life is ready for your side hustle (sometimes it is not all about you)

– How to pick up at least 10 extra hours in your week.


Resources from this episode:


Chris Winfield

Entrepreneur.com Side Hustle Series with Chris Winfield

Pomodoro Method

Example of Theta Wave Music


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Thank you for embracing this new series the PT Side Hustle!

Have a great week and stay Healthy Wealthy and Smart!


Xo Karen


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