When was the last time you stepped out of your comfort zone and took a chance on something new?  If it has been a while I highly suggest you do something, even if it is small, at least once a week that challenges you and makes you just a bit uncomfortable.  That is exactly what my guest on the podcast has done for years and as a result she is a Doctor of Physical Therapy, an assistant professor in the physical therapy department at Hampton University and the most recent Miss Virginia USA.  Dr. Desiree Williams has accomplished so much in her life already because she takes those chances, works hard, is super organized, and is proactive about her life and her goals.  This was such an inspiring conversation and my huge takeaway is to have more confidence in myself and believe in my values and my decisions.

Dr. Desiree Williams, PT, DPT, RYT-200 is a Doctor of Physical Therapy and author who currently works as an Assistant Professor in the Department of Physical Therapy at Hampton University and a physical therapist for Riverside Health System. In late 2014, she published a book she co-authored entitled, Love Affair with my Hair: Why Black Women Cheat on Health. Desiree was crowned Miss Virginia USA 2016 on October 11, 2015, allowing her to represent the Commonwealth in the 2016 Miss USA competition, which will be nationally televised.

In this episode we talk about:

* Why she decided to become a PT.

* How she got started in the pageant world and how she has been so successful.

* Her top tips for managing your time efficiently (I thought I was organized but this girl puts me to shame).

* Her platform as Miss Virginia USA and how she incorporates her education and passion for health and wellness into that platform.

* How she is able to keep the negativity that can be associated with the pageant world out of her head.

* Her best advice for students thinking of going into the world of academia

* And much, much more!

Dr. Williams confidence and positive attitude is clear and she gives so many nuggets of advice in this interview on how to stay positive, grounded and most importantly yourself.

Here are some ways you can get in touch w/ Dr. Williams:

IG: DesiWilliamsPT
Twitter: @DesiWilliamsPT
IG: realmissvausa


Enjoy this wonderful talk and stay Healthy Wealthy & Smart!




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