I know what you are thinking…living well with chronic pain?!?  Some thoughts that went through my head were:

“Are you kidding me…that sounds impossible”

“Sounds like an oxymoron to me.”

“Does that mean take lots of pain meds to feel better?”

And I am sure you can think of lots of other things to say!  But after you listen to this incredible interview with Dr. Bronnie Thompson, your thoughts will be challenged!  You will start to see that yes…I can live well with chronic pain.  I can find value and fun in my life doing the things I love.

Dr. Thompson originally trained in occupational therapy in the early 1980’s, but later studied psychology and completed her PhD in health sciences in 2014. She has worked in pain management, musculoskeletal management, case management and health and safety over the years. In 2001 she started teaching postgraduate courses in pain and pain management through University of Otago, based in Christchurch’s Dept Orthopaedic Surgery & Musculoskeletal Medicine.
She began blogging in 2007 with the aim to share her love of reading research with those clinicians who can’t get access to information because of paywalls. She saw a need to help clinicians who hadn’t been trained in psychological or psychosocial approaches to develop skills that would help them be more effective, integrate a biopsychosocial approach and develop client centered practice for people who live with pain. Her blog, HealthSkills, is read around the world and she is active on social media – mainly Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.
In this episode we talk about:

  • Values based pain management
  • Dr. Thompson gives some amazing examples of motivational interviewing (I am talking really great so be ready to take notes!).
  • The process your patients can follow to reoccupy their self-concept in the face of chronic pain.
  • How to be a real human with all of your patient interactions.
  •  Making the patient the center of your practice.
  • And so much more!

This is the first part of a two-part interview with Dr. Thompson.  The second part will air next week!

Thanks for listening and if you like what you are hearing please share it and leave a rating here.  Have a great week and stay Healthy Wealthy & Smart!


PS….You will also find out what made me totally break down and cry for the first time on air!  Get the tissues ready!


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