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In this episode I had the distinct pleasure to interview physical therapist, author and mentor Paul Potter.  He is genuine, real, and truly wants the best for everyone in the profession of physical therapy.  His new book On Fire: Ignite your Passion with a Cash Therapy Practice will be available on Tuesday September 8, 2015.  If you are looking for honest, actionable advice on creating the right mindset for a cash based practice and then implementing a road map to your ideal business then this is the book for you!

In this podcast Paul and I discuss:

* Why there is a growing interest in the cash PT model.

* Why Paul feels that being a physical therapist is a noble calling (of course I agree!).

* What is the important link between your mindset and starting a practice.

*The main reasons therapists are opting to start a cash PT model.

* How running a successful cash PT business is like competing in a triathlon.

* The 4 essential stages for business success…this is the roadmap!

After listening to this episode I hope that you find your “why” for starting a cash PT business, begin to change your mindset, be firm in your calling as a physical therapist and finally start to plan out your road map for success!

Do you want to get your hands on Paul’s book On Fire? Check out the links below:

Paul’s website

Book landing page:

Amazon: On Fire:Ignite Your Passion with a Cash Therapy Practice

Amazon: Cash Therapy Practice: Professional Freedom in the New Healthcare Economy


Have a great week and thanks for listening.  And remember if you like what you are hearing I would love for you to share this episode with friends/family and please leave a comment below to keep the conversation going! Also, please do leave a rating and/or review on iTunes!








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